Saturday, September 15, 2007

Where am I? Who are You? What am I Doing Here?

The Frogster here. I feel a little like a vegetarian in a BBQ joint on this blog. Nah, that's not it, I mean, I don't feel grossed out. Maybe I feel like a big tobacco lawyer in church. No, I don't feel particularly guilty. I'm not sure exactly how I feel. I feel like if you put my avatar up on the screen with some of yours on one of those Sesame Street things where they sing "One of these things is not like the others," mine would be the one left at the end.

Most of the members of The Blog Fairy community are kind, thoughful people who are quick to compliment, give blog awards, etc. Most of you write sweet posts about happy things or touching posts about sad things. This is fine. This is good. This is better than the bloggers who rant and rant and call everyone who doesn't agree with them stupid.

But that's not what I write about. I write about installing a Real-Time Nekkid Blogging Voyeur Webcam so you can watch me blog in the nuddy. I write about the devil's music. I write about winning the love of an already married commentor. I am absolutely HORRIBLE about passing those award thingies that people give me along to others. I have a guilt-inducing pile of them sitting on my computer, and they cause me no end of distress by the very nature of their, well, just sitting there. So I believe I was mistaken by The Blog Fairy as Blog Fairy material. The Blog Fairy (bless her heart) stopped by my place right after my father passed away almost three months ago. She saw my tribute post to him and, I assume, was touched. She wrongly assumed that I was a touching blogger, and sprinkled Fairy Dust on me. While I was grateful for her acknowledgement, I felt a little like I should give it back before she discovered I was a fraud.

I do know a few things. I know that moving all the way across the country (as I did almost a year ago) is really, really hard. I know that making new friends in new places is hard. I know that the best friends I've made since my adorable wife (who, for some reason, continues to put up with me) and I moved are fellow bloggers. I know that I love it when you put up a funny comment on my site. I know that when one of you gives me one of those awards, mixed in with the guilt and uncertainty is a measure of gratitude and pride. I know that when I've finished with my other daily duties, I look forward to your comments and emails. I look forward to visiting you and seeing what's going on.

Huh. That last paragraph seemed almost Blog-Fairyesque. Maybe I do belong here after all.


the frogster said...

I guess I should have looked at the beginning of the last post before I titled mine. Sorry Mouseski. No copying intended.

Anndi said...

Wonderful introduction Frogster! There are many reasons our lovely Francesca recognized us, as many reasons are there are diverse bloggers. I think we were all humbled by her presence.

I'll look forward to visiting you soon.

Linda said...

Hey Frogster! I thought that was so funny when I started reading your post because for a minute there, I thought I was reading mine! I guess it's true that brilliant minds not only think alike but they write alike, too!!

Welcome to the group - though I'm still rather confused as to exactly "what" the group is! And as far as not belonging - sure you do! The Blogosphere is as diversified as the Real World and it takes all kinds to make it unique. Besides, I might not be as "nice" as everyone thinks I am if you get my drift!!

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hello Karl Mueller the Frogster, you are the perfect example that the Blog Fairy saw the good in everyone, not just their blogs. Welcome to The Original Blue Ribbon Bloggers!

the frogster said...

Aandi- Thanks. You too. Just when I think I've found all the blogs I could ever read. So many blogs, so little coffee.

Linda- Yeah. Oops. My bad. I guess everybody gets that deer in headlights feeling the first time they post here.

JMCNTP- Thanks. I hope you're right.