Friday, August 31, 2007

Saying Goodbye To The Blog Fairy

By Christy Z. at Writer's Reviews

She belongs to the night,

to the sky, she’s starlight.

She takes flight,

her wings carry her

to where her heart dreams,

she glides like the wind,

she’s what it is to be free.

Goodbye Frannie

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Thursday, August 30, 2007


When I first learnt about Francesca Faerie, The Blog Fairy trading her gorgeous Fairy Wings for Angel Wings, I was as heartbroken as many of us was and would be. Unfortunately I, nor some others did not get to know Francesca Faerie personally; as her time as a Fairy seemed so short in Earth measurement of time. However; like numerous People – I held great respect and admiration for The Blog Fairy. Happily; some learnt her name - Francesca Faerie; such as Zubli Zainordin and Lyn. Francesca Faerie, a remarkable Woman – a magnificent Fairy, merely wanted to remain anonymous, going only by the name The Blog Fairy; kindly left tokens of love on Bloggers sites, wrapped in a gift known as the Blue Ribbon Blogger Award. Well she succeeded and this love has since spread throughout the Blogosphere (Blog World) to return a thousand times to her. In my endeavors to break the news to Fellow Bloggers about The Blog Fairy’s new Angel Wings, I hoped to honor her for all she gave us. In the process, I formed a “Blue Ribbon” link to several Original Posts/Honors People wrote and gave about the wonderful caring Blog Fairy and her legendary “Blue Ribbon Blogger Award”. This is a gift to Gracie Belle , “beloved daughter of Francesca and granddaughter of The Earth Fairy”, whom now carries on The Blog Fairy tradition of “sharing love and enlightenment to those who believe”. With these Blue Ribbon Links, everyone of you alls current comments, and your current posts in the Blogosphere - may you - Gracie Belle forever remember exactly how your Mom’s love has spread, as she lives on in the heart of each one of us. I wanted to merely return some of the love Francesca Faerie The Blog Fairy gave all of us, since I have received thanks, etc.; for this I thank yous. Also, I would like to introduce a Person whom has given me great comfort during this time; Sprite. Recently she wrote a post that included myself, Francesca Faerie The Blog Fairy, and Gracie Belle. Words so dear and touching, all should read to appreciate, Peculiar Events Lead to Artistic Revelation. Thank you Sprite. And Thank all of You for your contributions to Francesca Faerie The Blog Fairy and Gracie Belle. You All have truly shown the love that The Blog Fairy has given to us; for where there is love, everyone is truly Blessed.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


I am so honored to be a part of this blog, it is just inspiring.

As my first post, I thought that I would share what I know about Faeries, Fairy's, Fairies...

Fairies are supposedly mythical creatures of folklore or romance, who possess magical qualities, and live closely with human beings.

They can be as large a human being, but as small as 3 inches. They are typically from 2 feet to 3 inches. The smaller the Fairy, the most beauty they possess.

It is said that Faeries and human beings can marry, with restrictions, which if violated, can mean the death of the human... It is also said that some female Faeries are deadly for her lover. They live about the same as a human, but, probably longer.

They often carry children and some adults to Fairyland. If these children or adults eat or drink in Fairyland, they are not allowed to leave.

Faerie time does not correlate with human time, therefore, if you spend the night with one, you will probably return to see your great-grandchildren...

Fairy's dwell in castles and palaces, both human and in Fairyland.

I could go on forever. I have loved faeries all of my life, I to this day, have some fairy figurines in my house. I have always believed in them, along with other types of little ones, and, in Santa Claus. It is my nature to believe in magic and mystical happenings outside, yet, inter-related to the human existence.

There are many reasons to believe in the super-natural. Such things have to exist, otherwise, so many tales and sightings of such would not continue to open our minds and our hearts to belief...

Faeries are blessings; they sprinkle their dust upon us and grant us a glimpse of the magical world from which they come. They are full of love, they have no fear, and, they are beautiful; all those who are lucky enough to see them, know this...

Yes, fairies are our friends, they lend us an air of mischief, frolicking, and, unusual fun. We need fairies in our lives, and, they obviously need us. Such a blending of reality and mysticism creates enchanted times as each of us, and the faeries pass time on this Earth...

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Lovingly Dusted By The Queen of Fairies

THE QUEEN FAIRY FRANCESCA DUSTED ME JUST IN TIME, a magnificent enchanting experience shared by Lyn at WRITING FOR THE HELL OF IT~

Monday, August 27, 2007

Praises To Blog Fairy The 1st

A Tribute to Francesca Faerie, The Blog Fairy and her legendary Blue Ribbon Blogger Award

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*From Sprite ..."may her angel wings still carry the faint jingle and sunlit glint of the forest dwellers -- albeit larger and much more beautiful!"

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Sunday, August 26, 2007



Lyn (lynda's loft)

My magical memories....

I had just met the blogfairy and was so pleased to learn she had a new blog. I wanted everyone to know. So when I posted on my blog that she spoke, blog fairy joked with me and told me a magic word. She told me that zubli held the meaning to the words. This word is "sihir" In fact here is her very message to me:

You honor me precious one. The code word is: sihir (Zubli organizes the code words for our special magic.) Your dreams are good ones and you will get back more than you sow. The earth faerie thanks you for your tireless work. She is my mother. Your friend, Frannie

She is magic. She will always be magic, I will always miss her. Thank-you Gracie Belle for continuing on....

Deborah (Climate Of Our Future)