Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Bruno Mars - Just the Way You Are (Cover by MattyBRaps ft. Tyler Ward)


Lisa Laavie said...

I enjoyed this video :D

Cami Catalano said...

So beautiful

Anonymous said...

Nice video

Sandee said...

Jackie...Your new blog is now by invitation only. It's private. Do you really want it private?

Hugs. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Jackie, I was so happy when I saw you commented on Mom's place. I lost your link since I reformatted by computer. I am glad that you found me hahaha. How are you.

Anyway, Bruno Mars is my son's favorite singer, and he is very popular here in the Philippines.

I'm sorry, I couldn't watch the video because of the very slow internet connection due to a typhoon coming in our way.

I will add you again.. :)

Pearl said...

That is the sweetest! My son and I love this video. Way to go big brother!
Thanks for sharing!

Condescending Vlogger said...

I would follow you guys or somethin' like that but I can't figure out how so..yeah..but love the site!

Anonymous said...

Download captain america 2 :

Unknown said...

my favorite... thank you...

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