Sunday, November 25, 2007

Googling Beth Allen

Have you ever Google'd (is that a word?) yourself?

I have an ongoing Google alert for my name, but for grins I ran a Google search of my name this morning.

  1. New Zealand actress Beth Allen.
  2. Beth-Allen Ladder and Equipment Company in Pennsylvania.
  3. The IMDb information for the actress in number 1.
  4. The Wikipedia entry for the actress in number 1.
  5. Beth Allen, an economist at The University of Minnesota.
  6. Beth Allen Online, the actress in #1.
  7. Beth Allen, the actress in#1, also has an entry at
  8. Random House author search for the works of Beth Allen (my search produced no results, sadly).
  9. Me, finally!
  10. Beth Allen, a Prudential Real Estate Agent in Port Orchard, Washington.
I have some work to do, because the last time I did a Google search on myself (I had my original Beth Allen blog at the time), I came up #1.

Have a wonderful Sunday.

1 Comment:

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Beth, I still find this humorous and fun! Everyone should Google themselves for a good chuckle!!