Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Is it just me?

Is it just me?

I guess it maybe just me but how come there are so many cheats and fakers in the world.

Four years ago I had an accident in my oldest son's car. No one in my car was hurt..it was just a

Fender bender, but the operator of the car I "bumped" into received a huge settlement and now,

Four years later, after settling another "case" her mother is suing me and the insurance company

Suggests I should get my own attorney in case the settlement is over 100,000 dollars..are you

Kidding me? One hundred freakin thousand dollars. We could lose our house. Just so people

Don't have to get real jobs and want to live off the backs of others. Excuse me for ranting but I

Am truly sick over this and can't believe this is happening...my poor son, out of the goodness of

His heart lets me borrow a car because it was larger then mine and this happens..I don't care

About the money as much as the duplicity. What happened to Karma? What happened to tell

The truth..maybe it is just me. Is it really just me?
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Mo and The Purries said...

People like that (the "sue-crazy") need to be smacked.
When I was with Target, I helped open stores.
On opening night of one store, we had a lady who slipped and fell - she was a HUGE woman wearing flip-flops and it was a clear "we need to call the legal department" case.
Less than a week later, there was a guy who filed an accident report for having gotten insecticide from the lawn & garden department splashed on his arm - he says he picked the bottle up by the cap (um, why not use the handle - on a gallon jug, duh...) and the cap came off and when the jug hit the floor, the splash hit his skin. We had cameras and watched the tape - the man unscrewed the cap then dropped the jug and held his arm over the jug! Yes, we had it on tape!
Clearly, these idiots get me worked up, too. I hope that it won't come to a full-fledged lawsuit and that some reason descends upon the other party.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mo, I really thought it was just me. If these people were hurt
in any way I would expect them to get some compensation..ie: their medical bills paid..salary for days of work missed, but they are now going for holistic medical..massages..and it took one women four years to finalize her last suit so she could sue me..I am honestly a wreck and cannot believe people do stuff like this.
I guess I'm naive thinking all people are honest. This is truly a wake up call. And we are not even allowed to mention the fact they have had other suits when we go to court.. What a country.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Yep, people are nuts ... and cold.

I went through an insurance problem too, and had nothing to drive for a while. The kid who hit me had no insurance, and basically ran.

It took a lot of persuation, and the police to finally get my money. (TO JUST FIX MY CAR)

Very aggrevating!!

Now, as you are on the other side of this - how can these people want more than a fixed car? Holistic medical and massages???
That's insane.

Hope everything works out Maunie.

Anonymous said...

Good news....I literally made myself sick..I have bronchitis and other personal issues so with my voice cracking I called the attorney. He said,"this women feels INTITLED to at least 30 thousand dollars because that's what her daughter received" But the case is worth about 6 thousand..still a disgrace if you ask me..but she may get about twenty if we have to go to court.
He agreed no fault is a mess in Ma. but the law is the law and he quaranteed we won't have to pay another cent because my son's insurance pays up to one hundred thousand dollars per person and three hundred thousand dollars per accident. I am still appalled that people live like this, accident to accident..Sorry you went through something similar
Speedy..sometimes you just have to wonder about the duplicity of people.

Linda said...

Having worked at two police departments during my career, I can tell you that these sorts of things happen constantly. A motor vehicle accident with no injuries suddenly turns into neck and back pain when someone says, "You should sue the other driver". The people who pull these scams don't care that the cost of insurance skyrockets because of their greed and duplicity, they feel entitled and that's all there is to eat. Which is pathetic and sad and very disheartening to those of us who are honest and just try to do the right thing.

I hope this woman gets nothing but I'm sure some court somewhere will award her some form of compensation, if nothing else then to go away. How very sad.

Karen and Gerard said...

What a mess! Greedy people like this can really cause a lot of aggravation and they think they're so slick. As if life isn't complicated enough, then you have this big hassle to deal with yet. I feel bad for you. What a world this is because of some people who are just plain cruel and selfish.

I hate when this kind of thing happens!