Monday, August 4, 2008

Girls of today

Maybe it's just me but the young girls of today are far more beautiful then they were twenty thirty even forty years ago. To prove it a bunch of us pulled out our yearbooks and looked. Out of three hundred plus girls there were maybe a dozen girls that were considered very beautiful...okay very pretty. Today you have to look long and hard for a girl between the ages of fourteen to twenty to find one who is plain. Is it just me? Something in the water? The fact that they play sports? Are constantly at the gym? What is it? My granddaughters are not cute...they are beautiful and so are all of their friends. It's amazing to me and they are not running out at twelve to get their noses done or fat sucked out they are born this way. In one way it's incredible another it's scary. How did this happen? Hubby and I went to a wedding Saturday evening and we were astonished at the bridesmaids and friends of the bride and groom. I think it's wonderful but pity the poor girl who doesn't measure up. What happens to her? Is she forever in exile or doomed to get help from the Stepford Community? Anyway it's just me ranting Gilda always said..never mind. Posted by mauniejames


Mo and The Purries said...

Come to Michigan.
Lots of plain folks here.

I miss Gilda - Roseanne Roseanna Danna was one of my all-time favorites!

Anonymous said...

Don't you just miss her...very few people ever watched SNL when it was great..I miss all of the original's. I would sneak into my parents bedroom if they were out or downstairs watching television.
that group was awesome...a little drugged out or not...hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

thanks mauniejames for sharing the nice post.i am sorry for that girl you talking about.i am agree with your opinion.looking for your more post.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

yeah!!even i'm with u.Really today's ladies are more beautifull,attractive&also punctual.They r not stay behind like the twenty thirty even forty years ago lides.

Anonymous said...

I'm a highschool student and yes the girls are beautiful but some of it is make up and the clothes they wear like I said some of it not all of it. It's to bad that some of the girls, their attitudes can't be the same way. Nice post, keep blogging.