Tuesday, December 2, 2008

What do you think?

I am on the horns of another dilemma...should I have back surgery before I leave from Florida?
My back and sciatica are so bad. I have heard about a surgery where you go in and have a quick adjustment and your home the same day. That doesn't sound bad does it?

This time the pain started in July and has been getting worse day by day. The acupuncture helped a lot but became very expensive and with Christmas coming every little bit helps. (although as many others are) I'm cutting back on gifts.

We go see the Doctors PA tomorrow and see what she has to say. Hubby, of course, doesn't see
a problem. He feels whatever is wrong I should wait four months until we return and have
it done then. I don't want to go to Florida feeling this way.

What do you think...the last time I had the surgery it was a long recovery...about three weeks sitting still...and quite painful. I'm not afraid of the pain but am concerned with my mobility.

Any suggestions would be so appreciated.....thanks---Maunie


Me. Here. Right now. said...

Hubby isn't in pain. Back pain is the worst. If you want to do it after you talk to your PA, do it.

Linda said...

Back pain and sciatica - ugh! The bane of a lot of my existence!

If the PA says there's a quick fix then by all means take it and then let me know what it is! I had back surgery in August of 2005 and am in great fear of having to have it again at some point as I just don't have the "down time" available - not when I'm the only one bringing home a paycheck at any rate.

Good luck whatever you decide!

Mo and The Purries said...

If it's outpatient surgery, then what is the recovery time?
Hubby needs to put your pain first above a trip to Florida.
The only thing worse than back pain, in my opinion, is a kidney stone - and they're in the same area!
If the surgery will help in the long run, I say that is a good option.
*HUGS* - but not too tight!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you...you guys are awesome...I hurt so much but
hubby doesn't mean to trivialize things...he just doesn't get it...at any rate I'm going tomorrow and I will let you know...thanks for answering I was thinking I was making a big deal out of nothing.

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about medical procedures to give an opinion one way or the other. But I will say I'm sorry to hear you are in discomfort and whatever you choose I hope it is as painless as can be and that you have a speedy recovery.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me confidence in my own thinking. Next Thursday,
December 11 I am having back surgery again. We saw on the MRI another bulge which is causing all the pain.

They don't do the day surgery and I will have to stay at least one night but even though they say recovery is four to five weeks...he said it will be easier then when I had it four years ago and the recovery time was about two weeks for me.

I'm not crazy about doing it so close to the holidays but I can no longer stand the pain and can't imagine going to Florida feeling this way.

Thanks for the good wishes...and you know, I will keep you all informed...thanks so much

Mojo said...

In my experience, there's no such thing as a "quick" surgery. I had a knee scoped a few (damn, it's seven years ago now.. almost eight!) and it was a year before it was right again. And even now if the weather's just right or I sit still too long...

But knees aren't backs, so YMMV... I just know I'm gonna have to be a lot worse off than I was then before anybody cuts into me again. Sounds like you're already there though, so it might be time.

And Florida's been there for several thousand years... it'll still be there when you're well enough to go.

Anonymous said...

Well Mojo, Florida is also a great place to recover. The weather is
wonderful the healing sun could be on my back...I'm not anticipating many glitches but...you never know...I keep myself going by saying...just another six days...I'm sure it will be no day at the beach...(smile) but it will almost have to be better then this constant pain...thanks for your input.

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