Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Blogger's for Peace - Hop on the Peace Train

"I've been crying lately,
Thinking about the world as it is.."

Join the Peace Train:

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It is the start of the New Year. Bush is still in Office, we are still at War.
I can no longer sit idly by without letting the World know that I am opposed to War and can only think of one way to spread this message.
Won't you join me by placing the above in the Sidebar (or somewhere on your Site) to let the world know that we are United against the War and looking for Peace in this the New Year?

Alternate Logo's:

Thanks to Jos for the Alternate Logo's


Jos said...

A good initiative, Carol!
I do hope 2008 will be the year of an emerging new idealism and a revived optimism. Please read (if you haven't done so already) this post and my post on a message by the Dalai Lama as published earlier in The Washington Post. His message provides a couple of good reasons for hope.

Beth said...

Great idea, carol. I'm going to participate.

mauniejames said...

I think your idea is awesome and as soon as I can get to it I will do the same...I'm so angry about everyone..I thought once the democrats got control again something would happen..they all just keep letting us down..when we went out for breakfast we saw so many young men and women in uniform out eating too...they break my heart...that's when I too cry..It's just not fair...

Carol said...

Beth and Maunie,
Please let me know when you get it on your Site (s) so I can add you to the list on mine.
ah Maunie,
the Democrats lost their balls :(
Thanks Jos,
will check it out!

nodirecton said...

And of course I will join your peace train, Carol. I'll let you know as soon as I have had a chance to put it up.

Carol said...

I changed the picture for this as I thought it would look good on most Blogs - what do you think?

Beth said...

I like it, Carol. I'm going to try it on my Blogger blog.

Carol said...

Thanks Beth,
Let me know when you get it up and I will add you to the list on my site..

Beth said...

Carol, I got it on my WordPress blog; I could not make it work on my blogger blog, on the sidebar-it was too blurry.


Beth said...

I also posted at my blogger account,


and put the images within the post. It works.

Carol said...

Great work Beth! Many thanks.

Jos said...

Carl, the more I think about this, the more I love your initiative!

I have done full posts about your Peace Train now on three of my blogs: this one on 'NoDirectOn (not: NoDirection)', this one on 'Additional BlogLOve', and another one on 'OgenDicht/EyesClosed'. I may still do a post on my Dutch-language marketing blog.

I have put up my alternate badges on the sidebar of those 3 blogs (3 different color versions of the alternate badge that you included in your above post), including links to your post on 'My view of "It"' about the Peace Train and links to those blogs that I know already have hopped on to the train.

I believe the list of bloggers on the train might make a great blogroll, also for others to display, and even a great LinkLOve list too!! So I will be checking your blog regularly to update my link list of participants.

If you would want me to put the two other color versions of my alternate badge in your post, please let me know. I have also done some alternate badges based on our 'Power to the Peacefull' and 'No War' badges, I can include those too, if you like.

Finally, if the other admins of BlueRibbonBloggers and Gracie Belle agree, I would like to put your initative up on the sidebar of BRB as well.

Thank you for a great initiative, Carol. The world needs a new idealism and a new optimism.


Carol said...

I am so touched by your willingness to help with this effort. You have my permission to do as you will with it...I trust you!

Carol said...

I don't know how to say this after all your hard work...but the link on the logos doesn't work. Otherwise, they look great!

Jos said...

Hi Carol, It's been corrected. Thanks for mentioning :)

Carol said...

Thank you Jos,
They are all great but I adopted the Black power to the peaceful...women(!)

Jos said...


Jos said...

Carol, I have added one with b&w borders, that should show a nice white border on our blog ;)

Carol said...

Like that one even better Jos!
Thanks for the awesome work you have done!

you20091001 said...