Monday, September 8, 2008

Progress of the Right Kind

Back in May, I launched a blog with the primary intent of posting nothing but contests featuring book giveaways. I did this for purely selfish reasons: I wanted to know what books were being passed around the blogosphere, and I was losing patience with the fact that there didn't seem to be a dedicated book contest blogs.

With four other friends, I launched Win a Book.

We've since expanded the focus a little bit, posting about sales and freebies, along with great blog posts by or interviews with authors who are hot at the moment, or who are favorites in the giveaway arena.

It's a fun blog to maintain. I'm meeting some really great readers, people who are open to trying almost anything new when it comes to reading.

And now, I wanted to take a minute and brag. My Friend Amy truly is a friend to book bloggers. She declared September 15-19 to be Book Blogger Appreciation Week, and in anticipation of this first-ever event (that I know of, anyway), she asked her readers to nominate their favorite blogs in a number of categories.

Win a Book was included her in last-minute-creation of the "Most Altruistic Blog" category.

I am thrilled. I'm thrilled that the hard work we've put into this blog is being recognized. I'm thrilled that it's understood we're not doing this to get an in on contests, or to do nothing but promote our own blogs -- or books.

Anyway, I wanted everyone to know how well this small-focus blog is doing. I invite you all to stop in and check it out. And, of course, I invite you all to get involved in Book Blogger Appreciation Week. Head on over to My Friend Amy's site and vote -- I'll never know if you vote for Win a Book or not -- as there are many categories to vote in, and many great blogs that have been included.

My personal blog has been nominated for awards before, and every time, I've just been flattered that I've been thought of. Sometimes, the nomination truly is the honor.

Vote Via this link.

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