Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Maybe it's just me

Why when you are in a horrible mood does everyone you come in contact with seem to be in a rotten mood too.

Why does it seem that the times you feel people are out to get you... they really are.

How come you save up for something for weeks and then your friends buy the same thing the next day.

How come your really not thrilled with your mate and it's their birthday or your anniversary and you have to buy a card anyway.

Why is the baby always teething when you get him.

How come a dish that you have made a hundred times and that comes out perfectly is a flop when you're out to impress someone.

Why do we have to play one upmanship with our own family.

How come the perfectly behaved kids act rude in front of cranky Aunt Betty.

Why when friends brag about their perfectly behaved children do you feel yours should be in jail.

Okay that's it for today... just add your own if you like


Mo and The Purries said...

Today you can just call me Cranky Aunt Betty.

mauniejames3 said...

Mo your so funny...but you do look a bit like Aunt Betty...she never smilled in her pictures either..
I'm trying so hard to get over myself...I hate this...just sort of hanging around the house when I have tons to do...

Speedcat Hollydale said...

~ Why is it sunny an beautiful when you are at work, then it rains on your day off?

~ How come when I am doing something important my computer crashes, but it works great when I'm looking at forwards in my email box?

~ Why does it seem like something good cooking in the oven seems to take forever?

~ Why do cat's only talk when humans are not around?

~ Why is it when I hug people they say, "Who are you"??

Hi Maunie /O-O\ <<< MY GLASSES

Jos said...

- why does it always start raining immediately after I have finished cleaning my windows? and why did this happen to my mom all the time? and why did this start happening to me only after my mom died?

mauniejames3 said... cat talks to me all the time unless someone else walks in...then they say sure she talks.. wash windows...will you marry me?