Monday, May 12, 2008

My Thursday night with the kids

On thursday night, i was driving the kids to church..The kids started screaming and i then relized we were being stopped..I know i was doing the speed limit..It wasn`t just the sheriff who pulled me over, it was also the border patrol...Cause the van is not from my area.The van is still in my parents name from where they live..The border patrol is running everybodies plates to see if they are from my area or somewhere else...They are looking for illegals..I had a van full of kids-6 kids screaming cause they thought we were in trouble.. 3 of the kids were mine..I was actually doing the speed limit..God only knows what they told the school the next day..luckily we did not get stopped on our way home...What kind of experiences have you had?

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mauniejames3 said...

Nothing like that one Kim...when I was sixteen a friend was teaching me to drive in his brand new GTO.
We came to an intersection and a patrol car was directly across from us. I panicked and raced across the street just missing the police car and hit a tree..For some strange reason he didn't ask me out again and I was so afraid I didn't get my licence for two more years.