Thursday, May 1, 2008

What`s going on?

Jos called a meeting please come if you can.

Paula called Ann then Anndi called Ellen

Hi Aslan yelled Col. Baby

ya don't need a tan

Linda and Janice saw Michelle buying melons

It's a meeting with Jos

I guess he has a plan

What about asked Mental poo

I'm busy as can be

Call Maunie or perps or Kim if you must

Mo said he would make it

and you will all too

If Jos says its important who would dare disagree

So they hired a plane and off they flew

Eric and Olga were already there sitting and talkingWhile Jos read through some papers and took many notes

Mags had brought goodies and so did Waliz walking

Into the room followed by Paula and Jeane who were talking

Okay all come to attention, so many have come, its about posts

I must ask you for a favor but its not hard to do

Please if you are leaving for some time or awhile

Just tell someone your plans so we will know about you

We all get concerned if your gone for too long

Like dear Santa or elfy or our dear Colin too

Everyone was relieved, it was not they did wrong, so they ate some desserts and then they were gone

If I missed anyone..I am sorry...If I named you..I'm sorry too


Colorado Baby said...

I commented on this on the Santa's Blog. This was a sweet thing to do.
God Bless you my froggy friend. I am hoping to hear from one dear friend of mine "Colin". I am in prayer for him...

Unknown said...

Maunie had also worked on this too..We probably will on some other stuff again in the future..Glad you liked it..We miss our friends dearly.Hopeey come back to us in the near future...

mauniejames3 said...

I hope no one was poetry skills leave a lot to be desired....Kim did such a wonderful job on the posters...I wouldn't let her take the rap for the poem...LOL maunie

Ellen said...

Hi Maunie and Kim,

don't know about the others, but I'm certainly not offended..
Quite the opposite, I was kinda pleased to find my name among the BRB bloggers!

I love the poem!
Also.. I know exactly what you mean, it really is strange and most of all very hard to loose contact with people you've gotten close to on the Internet. And not knowing if they're doing okay or not..
Hope to hear soon of people like Jeane Michelle..

Thanks for thinking of me!

exskindiver said...

i missed the meeting??!!?

Jos said...

Hey, even I missed the meeting?
Thanks, guys :))

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I had to get a new belt, as I have been eating way to many donuts ....

MamaFlo said...

Hahaha - cute and sounds like it was tough to think up. You did Great!!!

mauniejames3 said...

You think you weren't there...we had to put you under and apparently your brains were so empty you took in to much product and can't remember anything...what were we thinking? and about Jenny Craig? ask ellen...she took notes at the meeting!!!

mauniejames3 said...

Oh my gosh...I sound so cranky..sorry nevermind too much coffee today...I love all you guys..sometimes my tongue just gets in the way...