Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Cats

Our cat Misfit has been missing for a little over 2 weeks now - maybe he knew I had an appointment for him to lose his manhood... We miss him dearly... About a week before he disappeared, my son Christopher had him painted purple with latex paint.. You should have seen us cutting that purple fur off him.. Thankfully his fur was kinda long... Our cat Tator Tot has her own set of problems.. She will not walk on our bedroom floor at all.. It seems like something is out to get her.. Instead of walking on the floor, she will hop from one piece of furniture to another to get where she needs to get to... She follows me around the house and nobody else.. (she is supposed to be my husbands cat) She sleeps with me all the time and we use the bathroom together too... (the litter box is in the bathroom)...

Do any of you have any cats with mental problems?

We also have some cats that are stupid enough to be carried around the house by the kids.. The cats are old enough to learn how to get out of that situation.. Yet dumb enough to stay.. What is wrong with those cats?