Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rommecat and Juliet Monttecappulate

Juliet: Dost en a Capulate? Whomever-est thine eyes shine upon thee.
Rommecat: Your family stinks ... go away. Gosh, kinda cute though!

Juliet: Rommecat, Rommecat, where fort art thouest Rommecat???
Rommecat: Here I am. Even though I am supposed hate you, a find a burning desire. Is it wrong to love!!!

Juliet: Taketh me to the parlor Rommecat! You nomenclature you...
Rommecat: Well, OK. Make sure my cousins are not looking. If loving you is wrong, I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT! Booyhaaa

Jerk Guy Capulate: You werest in bedding with a Montegue. Surley you will live no longesteth. On gaurd.
Rommecat: Whatever .... AHHHH!!! I am stabbed (sigh)

Juliet: Mine love mine love, I cannot liveth without-eth you-eth. I shall drink poison from the death flask.
Rommecat: "Nothing"

Rommecat: I'm not dead .... I am alive! Ohh my goodness dear juliet .... WHY ..... WHYYY!!!!!!

Juliet: "Nothing"

Juliet: I dost thinketh thine death juice was kool aid from another jar... I am alive againest!
Rommecat: Hot Dog!!! Lets marry and get a cat. They are hiring at the orchard.

Thy Montague tale of unrequeted love ! "Oh, bloggy" ! Allest that endeth well is well indeed. Oh no...Timmy just fell down the well. Go for help Lassie.

The End


Anonymous said...

Okay Eric it's final and are really truly nuts...that was so funny..good, good do you come up with this stuff? I haven't been on for awhile but I am trying to get back on...hope to see you soon friend...

Mo and The Purries said...

Stick figure theatre rocks.

Anonymous said...

I like your these sahring photos.Its totally deferent.Great painting.