Thursday, December 6, 2007

Christmas tree: kitty safe?

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Is your Christmas tree kitty safe? I know mine is. I have 4 kittens and adult cats.. Over the year we have learned to have all the breakable one towards the top of the tree... That includes all the handmade ones from the kids and the ones we had when we were younger... The none breakable ones are safe to have on the bottom with the cats.. Make sure the lights are tied on the tree real good-cats are real good trying to hang themselves.. Try to make sure they don`t chew on the wires or they can become fried kitties and you wouldn`t want that do you? If you plan on having a cut tree, please water or sprite to water it..Anything else is toxic and can kill your cat.. Do not have any garland on the tree-cats like to chew on it and its not good for their tummy`s.. I keep a spray bottle with me in case they try to climb the tree... The last thing i want is a tree on its side or finding that my branches are bent down and i can`t get them back up the way they used to be... I have a hard enough time trying to keep the tree looking decent with the kids around... Good luck with everything this holiday season and be safe....

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ndpthepoetress - Jeane Michelle Culp said...

Thank You purplefrog for thinking about one of our most precious gifts, our cats. And Thank You for your Post full of helpful hints to help keep them safe and dear to our hearts!

Ann said...

This is sweet of you, thank you Purple frog! Particularly for letting us know about the water. Thank goodness I got a plastic tree this year. Because, as much as I complain about Simon, (my cat) I would be so upset if he got into something like that. Now, thanks to you, I'll know next year in case I decide to get a living tree. I also love the images, they're adorable.


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