Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Camel Carving

Every year a spectacular magic fills the air. It starts about October with carving the Pumpkin. Then in November, the Turkey. Than by December a piece of our heart has already begun to be carved out and gifted to others as kind deeds increase and shine more predominately. Any indifferences with Family and Friends are all but forgotten. Smiles are given to Strangers we chance to see here and there. Suddenly we don’t mind the heavy traffic, circling parking lots for a space, or standing in long lines. We can even climb the highest tree to place an ornament atop. Wobbly ladders press against homes with legs in the snow or on thin ice - we clamber the rungs to dangle lights while our lives hang in the balance. Throw caution to the wind and step onto the decorated tile nailed roofs. We are invincible! And so it was for my Sister. Having never used a jigsaw before except to assemble a picture, she takes the awkward tool in hand and with nothing more than the power of sheer determination – she begins! My two young Nephews, perhaps for fear of life and limbs - pretend to busy themselves else where with what ever it is young Teenagers do. Then when all is saw and done, they gather near their Mom. Mentally I’m sure they were counting digits and when they reached 10, noting all her fingers and toes intact – they delight in the joy of Camels amid the still dusty mist! And so in the Spirit of this magical Season; I share the lawn awaited results!


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

My Sister just e-mailed me about my post! She's so sweet!:

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You are really so gifted
This is fantastic!!!!

Jos said...

Your sister is right! :)

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Oh jeeps Jos, you're to kind :)