Thursday, December 20, 2007

A Message from Santa Claus

Ho! Ho! Ho! Everyone

I want to apologize to everyone for not being online much lately. It is an important time of the year when Santa should be here and I am very aware of that.

Unfortunately, there is a person here in BlogWorld who seems intent on making sure that I am not part of the Christmas Season here at MBL this year.

Every time I log on, or check an email or anything I am immediately targeted and then have to go about fixing my computer yet again. Si far to date I have had to reformat my hard drive 5 times and then reload and configure all of the software. Each time seems to be different and it sometimes takes me days to get back online.

Just a word to the person doing it... I know who you are and so far have resisted the urge to publicly discredit you. It is not my nature to be negative or revengeful but it is nearly at the time when I will be forced to name you in the hope that that will stop you from this continual harassment that you seem intent on.

All I want to do is bring cheer and happiness and peace and joy and love to all of you at this special time and it hurts me more than I can say that I have been continually stopped from doing so.

I intend to stay online as much as possible but if I disappear once more unexpectedly you will know why and I do apologize for it. It's my job as Santa to bring the Christmas cheer to all of you and it hurts me to be unable to do that properly.

May Christmas be that special time that you expect and may all of your wishes come true. Please remember though the true meaning of Christmas this and every year is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, the Christ child. That is what Christmas really IS all about.

Merry Christmas to all of you and thank you for your support and loyalty over the past few months. It has been a wonderful experience.

as always,
Santa ô¿ô

6 Comments: said...

Santa. I'm extremely saddened by this news. I hope this post will turn things around for you. Thank you for your huge heart and for the Christmas Wishes. You will be in my prayers.


Merry Christmas! said...

Santa, I noticed after I left this message that I'm no longer a co-author on Santa's Community Blog. I'm not sure if this is part of the problem you're speaking of here, or if I've done something to offend you, but I wanted to let you know in the event you may not be aware of it. I hope things get better for you soon Santa, let me know if I can help.


Anonymous said...

Hi Santa, I was afraid this would be the reason again. It's about time for a huge "Bloggers Against Hackers, Spammers & Virusses" Campaign. These people are idiots ruining a perfectly good medium. Good luck, Santa, don't give in!

Jos said...

Ann, no worries! It's a "technical problem" with Santa's Blog.

Christy said...

Hi Santa,

That's absolutely horrible. I can't believe someone would spend their time trying to ruin other people's blogs. I don't get the point of it at all. Children enjoy your blogs, why would anyone want to take away the fun of it all?

I noticed someone actually hacked into my mybloglog account and added their site to my author list. I was shocked to see that I'm being viewed by others as an author to a site I've never heard of. I'm probably deleting my account there tonight. It's totally not worth it.

Luv ya Santa, hugs, I sent you an overdue email today, I hope that you were able to receive it. :)

Jos said...

Christy (and anyone else),
Please CAUTION leaving MBL as last time Michelle tried to delete her account there, she found they have a glitch where anyone can take over your old MBL and Community Members by simply claiming they are the Author. This makes it look like you allowed them, etc. Michelle had to write MBL and the only way they could save her name and rep from the unauthorized Person was to completely delete her MBL account, Community Members, etc. which is something they did not know how to do, etc. Than she had to start over from scratch at MBL and reestablish herself just to protect her name sake. As far as Michelle knows, this glitch at MBL has not been resolved.