Monday, December 17, 2007

My First Post On Blue Ribbon Bloggers

Best Friends AwardMy dearest friend Maunie from Maunie James and my dear friend Sandy G from At Your Service have both honored my humble blog with this beautiful Best Friends Award.

Now, being who I am I am going to do something completely out of if LOL.

I have recently been given the honor by Gracie Belle of co-authoring on the Blue Ribbon Bloggers, so I am going to pass this award on to all of my fellow co-authors, many of whom I know and those I don't I am sure I will soon get to know :)

They are:

**Ann - Admin **Jeane Michelle - Admin **Jos - Admin *Anndi *Beth Allen *Bob *Bond *Bud *Carol *Chesca *Christy *Deborah *Dixie *Drew *Elizabeth *EmmyRose *Ev Nucci *Gale Martin *Georganna *Graciel *Janice *Joey *Judy *Karl/Frogster *Kathleen *Kimberly *Lady Rose *Lillie Ammann *Linda *Lynda *Mark *Maunie James *Meghan *Michelle Dyer *Mimi Lenox *Nihal *Pendullum *Polliwog *Sam Chan *Santa Claus *Shinade *Tish *Walks Far Woman Dan Linda Raven Moore

Am I bad or am I bad, more link love :)

Smile..Tomorrow could be worse!

Happy Holidays to all and have a wonderful week.


Anonymous said...

Why Colin who ever sent you that lovely picture of me? Now as punishment you must put it on my blog maunie james...I may never eat pork good is a joke...isn't it

Anonymous said...

Oh Maun my dear friend,
I've had that picture of you for a's my pin-up hahahaha.

Everyone loves my little piggie :)
And yes it is a joke, the award is at the top, but I like my little pin-up, and if you put your cursor over it there is a little message lol.

Take care my dear friend,

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the Blue Ribbon Bloggers, Colin! I am sure your contributions will - as always - put some extra smiles on the faces of our readers. I for one am looking forward to your posts, your LinkLove and your PigLove!

One Wacky Mom said...

Why Colin what a wonderful thoughtful thing for you to do! Thank you my friend!

Now all I need to do is post somehting on my spare time!

Course if I could spell that wouldn't be a problem.

Anonymous said...

@ Jos - Thank you so much my friend, it's a great honor to be here...LinkLove Rules lol, PigLove catching up hahaha

@Ev - You're most welcome my friend :), now spelling is easy, it just gets comlipater wen dooooin big werds thats da problum hahaha


Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you so very much. I am honored to receive a mention on this blog again. What a nice thing to do for your very first post.
I will pass this on.

Have a great week! said...

Congratulations and welcome aboard Colin! Thank you for the best friends award. It's adorable- although I also like the little piggie picture.


Linda said...

Thank you so much, Colin - and a happy holiday season right back at you!