Saturday, December 29, 2007

Girl Scout cookie time

Are you ready for January 12? Well, that is the day Girl Scouts start taking orders for Girl Scout cookies...I should know cause i became a leader for my daughters troop this year...My daughters goal is 500 boxes this year..She wants to be in the 500 club..Did you know that girlscouts do get prizes for all the cookies that they sell? Trust me, GirlScouts can be very persistant and will not take no for an answer...Here in Arizona the cookies are $4.00 a box..Photobucket


Anonymous said...

I think they are 4.00 everywhere Ma. and in Florida..they
sell them outside of stores down there...and when I'm hungry the choc. mints call my name..good luck to her..I hope she sells even more..I won top prize one year because my Mom took orders at I think most Moms and Dads do that...

Jos said...

We don't have that tradition at all, over here in the Netherlands - sounds like a nice thing to do, but seems it can also be a burden for these kids:)
Good luck to you and your daughter, hope you sell a lot!