Monday, December 17, 2007

So much to do

I have so much to do... both the nice maunie james and the selfish maunie james... the nice maunie james is off visiting elderly relatives and friends and finishing up their shopping wrapping and delivering some cookies and a small custard pie for one a chocolate cake to another.. well you get the idea... she is also at the post office sending out last minute packages for their children and taking them to last minute doctors appointments.. seeing that their homes are shoveled and they have adequate food in and have someplace to go for Christmas.... the selfish maunie james.. well she saves many steps and calls everyone to ask if they need her.. but you know people don't want to be a bother... so the selfish and the nice maunie james gets her coat and boots and a warm scarf and mittens... all the stuff... and drags hubby with her.. (he's not working today) and off they go... hopefully it won't take all day... but if you mention it.. it's not a good deed... just a gift of love...


Anonymous said...

hey Maun,
So you taking hubby out and your other self lol...that should confuse everyone...2 of you OMG!
Now are you sending me the nice maunie or the selfish Maunie hahahaha
Gifts of love are the best ones, and mean so much to so many.

Take care my dear friend,

Anonymous said...

Hey Colin...Don't you love those mysteries where the evil twin does all the bad stuff..don't you wish you had someone else to blame...I always did so in my mind I blame my evil twin..actually there is not a nice Maun..just a little nicer... said...

Great post mauniejames! And you're right Colin, the gifts of love are the best ones~