Monday, February 4, 2008

Funny? HA!

So it's been noticed that my presence here has dwindled, eh? And now you want me to be funny? So not gonna happen...

There's a good reason for it.

Almost three weeks ago, the Tour Manager got sick. Now, he's not named the Tour Manager purely because it's a good rock-and-roll term. No, this man usually acts like a tour manager, keeping me on the straight-and-narrow, organized and happy. He's almost like a wife, except no monthly mood swings (not that I have any, either. Nope. Not me.).

Being the kind man he is, he spent two weeks sick as a dog. He even missed work, and for him to miss work... the man's more devoted to his job than he is to me. I knew that from the get-go, though; he's been elbow-deep in computer guts since we met.

When we met, I was twelve. He was eleven.

Now, where was I? Oh, yeah. Going on about the kindness of my Tour Manager.

Which is why I sit here today, running a fever despite having taken Advil, unable to bring you the sort of funny I'm proud of.

Can I take a raincheck and get back to you when I'm healthy?

Pretty Please?


Jos said...

Hi Susan,
Rain check issued.. :)
Get well soon!
(A good glass of Cognac might do the trick?)

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

I think the whole bottle, Jos!

Jos said...

Well, you gotta take care that you drink enough fluids when feverish.

Anonymous said...

I have not been feeling well since
last fun..fever..shakes..chills.then we start all over again..not fun at all..

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Susan Helene Gottfried, Perhaps it’s your fever, but your natural humor even shines through with laughter in this post – mood swings, elbow-deep in computer guts… lol! Now stop taking the Advil and write some more, just kidding :).

Hope you get better soon!