Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Link Call: Your Favorite Things

It's time for another Link Call to our Contributing Authors. We would love all of you to do a post about 'a few of your favorite things'!

So, Ann, Beth, Carol, Chesca, Colin, Dixie, Drew, EmmyRose, Eric, Georganna, Graciel, Jackie, Janice, Jeane Michelle, Jo, Jos, Judy, Karl, Kathleen, Kim, Lady Rose, Linda, Linda, Lori, Lyn, Mags, Maunie, Mo, Robin, Sanni, Santa and Susan, why don't you surprise us with a little story about your favorite book, movie, music, video clip, person, flower, animal, perfume, clothes, sitcom, excuse, uncle, picture, artist, car, brand, destination, drink, planet, blog, chair, city, actor, pencil, blooper, tool, sport, commercial, or day of the week... We would love to read about it!


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Until I get a chance to post about 'a few of my favorite things', I want to share that one of my favorite things are these Blue Ribbon Bloggers Link Calls cause they give such a wonderful opportunity to read so much spectacular talent and get to know each Co-Author more!

Anonymous said...

These link calls are so clever. I keep meaning to do them. My life is always so chaotic! When we see the link calls, do we do them in our own blogs or do we do post them here at BRB?

Anonymous said...

BRB of course :) or both places if you like! And Paula, it is never to late to post - never a deadline. The idea is to just have Fun with them. BTW: How was your trip?!?