Sunday, February 10, 2008

My Favorite Post from Speedcat

My memories from Greenhaven are so strong and vivid. I had a hard time realating them into words. This was a post from my MAIN blog. I have 4 total.

When I was 13 years old, I started playing golf at Greenhaven Golf Course in Anoka MN. It was not the first course I played, but it was the first course to become my home.
It was 1979, and I rode my motorcycle through miles and miles of old backwoods farm roads, and then along a stretch of railroad, to get to this place and see it for the first time. To me, it was like finding heaven on Earth. I walked along the old entrance road (which now does not exist) and was amazed at the beauty and grandure of this course - with majestic oaks linning each fairway of perfectly manicured bent grass. It was one of those perfect "10" summer days and I swear I can still feel the breeze and smell the flowers growing by the clubhouse. As I watched groups of players make there way down the 10th hole, I wanted to be with them, to join them, and take part in this awesome game. I'll never forget this day, and it was one of those pivital moments that everyone has occur in their lives.
My dreams came true, and my Father bought a season ticket for me. I loved him so much for this special gift. I began riding with him to work on weekday mornings, and he would drop me off to play in the junior / senior time slots that were allocated from 6:00 AM to 9:00 AM. Eventually, my brother and my childhood best friend joined my golf excursions, and we became our own group of regular golfers. This lasted for two summers, and was probably the best time of my life.
Each round and practice session increased my skills, and I was extremely dedicated to becoming the best golfer at . My future goals became golf oriented, and the sport was now a passion to me, and not just a game.
When I played, I imagined myself in the great Masters Tournament, or playing in the US Open. A low scoring round was a major victory and the best image booster I could attain. When I played with a group of people I had not met before, they cheered and boasted accolades of that young player with so much talent ..... forward 28 years >>>

I played Greenhaven again one week ago. The course is different. The majestic trees are gone. The plush bent grass fairways are now a mix of blue grass and fescue. The grand clubhouse is replaced with a nice updated building, yet has no character. The people are different, and it is surrounded by a decaying neighborhood. It's class and prestige have all but left this place, and so had I.
I never found my dreams of the Masters or the US Open, and realize that I never will. I never will be the best.
Something magical happens still, as I walk onto the first tee box at . I feel the fire and ambition of that young boy, and his love of the game bubble to the top of my soul. I smile and feel alive again. Don't get me wrong, I'll take almost anyone in a golf match, and still feel the same love and ambition that that 13 year old did. I still take great pride in being able to demolish a golf ball 340 yards with the driver, and like nothing better than to play every Sunday.
Many things in my life have slipped by and away. Things did not turn out as I had planned, but there is always one more round to possibly become the best of "my" life. This is what is important to me now.
Most people that stop by my blog do not play golf, nor do they know much about it. I do not post as much golf related topics as I used to. When I do, please bare with me, knowing that a 13 year old boy with a dream is writing it :-)
One last favorite person to play golf with at ? My Father


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Is this a bad time to mention I've set foot on the greens at Oakmont?

And how on Earth do you maintain FOUR blogs????

Qtpies7 said...

Umm, me thinks this post is a repost because one week ago it Anoka was covered in snow. Still is!
I live near Anoka.

Very cool to see someone blog about something close to home.

Mo and The Purries said...

Eric, you write with a great passion for golf - my grandmother (the one I went to Egypt with) was a great golf player. She has a shelf of trophies.
When I was around 13-14, the age of your story, she had me take lessons with a country club pro.
After a day of it, the pro declared that perhaps another venue would be more suitable for me. Couldn't have said it better myself!
The only other time I've set foot on a golf course was while I worked for Target and we had charity golf tournaments - I always volunteered to be the cart driver/photographer! I had just as much fun and yet the world was a much safer place without having a golf club in my hands!
Great post, Eric!

Anonymous said...

Oh Eric, this was a wonderfully moving feel the same way
about golf as my hubby...he didn't start until his thirties but loves it and will drop everything to play, that's why we are in Florida because golf is cheaper and so many people are around who want to play..I understand how he feels just a little bit more now..sounds as if you have a great and understanding Dad too.

Jos said...

Eric, being able to still feel like a 13-yr-old like that must be the maining of life! Wonderful post, buddy :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Susan: Ohhh you are very lucky! Did you play there?? Do you know a member? ... ARE you a member???? :)

The 4 blogs are really just branches of the main blog ... one for golf, one for tags and memes, and I have a Nablopomo for meeting new people ... and a fixed website that has earned me 1.58 in 8 months (laughing)

QtPies: Really!?! That is interesting. I will have to stop by and see your blog for sure. When I was a teenager, we always took our so-called fast cars to Main Street Anoka to cruise on the weekends. (Long time ago) :)

Mo: That's funny you mentioned lessons ... I have NEVER had one. I am self taught, and have used mirrors and video to monitor my swing ... yes, passion and a little addiction thrown in there!!!
My wife will come with and drive the cart / take pictures sometimes. I think she has a better time - esp when my game stinks ... ha haaa!!!! Thanks for you comment friend.

Maunie!! Your husband is one lucky guy. I would be so happy to live where I could play right now. Why don't I?? Well, I guess family and economics. The future could have some southern adress involved. Hope you are having a great day!!

Jos: The words just sit on the page, but when I read / wrote them my mind put's me right back to the summers at Greenhaven as a boy. I think the memories are so powerful because I felt as though I was in heaven. That is as close as I can come to convey the enjoyment from my past on the greens.

THANKS EVERYONE!!!!! I loved the comments on my "favorite post". This blog really is a special place in itself ...


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Eric, your words made me feel as if I was right at Greenhaven! What treasured memories you have!