Friday, February 8, 2008

My favorite Post: Death By Cheese

With such a large body of work on my blog, it's hard to pick a favorite post or two. After all, most of my blog is made up of fiction and I wouldn't be posting it if I weren't proud of it.

Every now and then, this one pops into my brain and teases me. It's seriously underappreciated.

If you're new to the gang, this fictional outtake -- not really a short story but a moment -- features my wildly successful rock band, ShapeShifter, during their early days. Yep, four boys around the age of twenty... this is how it is...

(with apologies to Cheesy)

Mitchell kicked the pizza box out of the way and, with a burp that shook the room, stretched out his legs on the coffee table. It bowed under his weight.

"M, man," Daniel said wonderingly. He picked up a drum stick and scratched his back with it. "You just ate the whole thing. I thought you weren't going to do that anymore."

"I wasn't," Mitchell slurred. He laid his head back on the grimy dressing-room couch. "But I wasn't gonna drink this much anymore, either." He burped again.

Trevor held up a hand, all five fingers splayed. Slowly, he dropped each finger in turn, starting with the index finger. Just as he tucked his thumb in, Mitchell sprinted for the bathroom.

"Death by cheese," Eric laughed.

"Should we save the box as a reminder for next time?" Daniel asked.

"Dumb fuck," Trevor said, shaking his head and, for a few minutes there, feeling in tune with Daniel and Eric.


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hi Susan Helene Gottfried! Love the title :) and your links! Yip, I'd 'save the box' as a reminder :)

Jos said...

Hi Susan! "Death by cheese"is a classic :))

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