Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lady Rose's Favorite Things

Since I've been eating healthy for the over 90 weeks now and also trying to drop a few pounds, I won't be listing any of my favorites foods (like pizza with extra cheese of course, mashed potatos with extra butter of course, chocolate, macroni and cheese,). No yummy or decadent foods in this post! Instead I'll focus on a few other things that are much more rewarding and dearer to my heart.

The first on my list of course is my daughter, Angelgirl - she is truly the light of my life. Here's a photo of her from last Halloween 2007
Of course Teacherman, my hubby, is definitely high on my list of favorite things (he always makes me laugh and hey he puts up me so you gotta love him). Here's a photo of us from Dec. 07
I really enjoy doing a variety of arts and crafts, but the last few months I've been on a crocheting binge. I've already started making a lot of gifts for birthdays and xmas this year. I've also started collecting vintage crochet patterns to try out. So I'd have to say for now crocheting is my favorite craft, and hopefully I can tackle Yarn Mountain (thats me under all the yarn with my giant crochet hook at the ready!).
My favorite crochet project that I have made so far has to be the Mrs. Weasley Sweater (from the Harry Potter movies) that I made for my dear friend as a Christmas gift last year.
Some of my other favorite things include way too much TV, with my favorites shows being Monk, Pysche, Law and Order (all versions, though SUV is top of the list), and Ghost Hunters.

I love curling up with a good book, my favorite books are the Harry Potter Series. I love books that are mostly fantasy and some vampire series. And of course I am a HUGE Harry Potter movie fan too. Last year I through a HUGE Harry Potter Party for my daughter who turned 11 last May. It took over a year to plan and put together, and we even rented a hall at the local firehouse. The party lasted 6 hours, with 22 kids and lots of adults in costume helping out as Hogwarts staff, guest enjoyd snacks at the 3 Broomsticks Inn, Diagon Alley shopping, 9 magical classes, a wizard tournament, a big feast and a Hogwarts castle cake. Photos and Details HERE.
Here we are at the party with my best friend's family:

And of course blogging is one of my favorite things too.

Health and Happiness, Lady Rose (founder of Diet Pulpit - the blog with Fattitude!).


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hi Lady Rose! Your favorite things reflect well on you showing priorities coming first with your Daughter, Husband, Family, health… Crocheting sounds interesting and fun! Some of your favorite tv shows are a definite on my list of must watch. And Harry Potter rules! I really enjoyed reading your post Lady Rose! Thanks for sharing!

Jos said...

Hello Lady Rose! Thank you for sharing some of your favorite things with us. A wonderful post!