Friday, February 8, 2008

My Favorite Posts: Diet's Don't Make You Happy

Happy Chinese New Year to everyone from me, Lady Rose, the lady with the funny hat and F.A.T. Attitude (living life Fabulous, Awesome and Tenacious) and founder of the Diet Pulpit (preaching our motto: don't be a fool, eat for fuel). I chose this post as my favorite because it helps me to remember what is really important in life - being happy, loved and loving, being with family and friends, and to keep the new year's resolutions I made that really matter. Sure getting healthy is important, but obsessing over numbers on the scale is really not important in the grand scheme of things.

Around here at the Diet Pulpit, happiness is valued very highly - comes in just under Health as being a top priority. Here are some tips to unlock those feel good feelings.

Be Your Best - don't wait until you reach a certain number on the scale, treat yourself to some new clothes now and then along the way, treat yourself to a manicure and facial (create your own little home spa). Putting your best foot forward helps you to radiate happiness and confidence.

Family, Friends, Community - Staying connected is an important key to longevity and healthy. Take time to really be with your loved ones, have some fun together - schedule "play" time or time just to chat. Nurture your support system so they can nurture you in return.

Nurture your spirit, be true to your inner wisdom, live your life's purpose and you'll find yourself empowered from within. Purpose doesn't have to be on a grand scheme, every day acts of kindness and sharing simple joys are awesome, purposeful ways to express who you are and express your life's purpose.

Happiness also have phyical components - get enough rest, take care of nagging pain - stop trying to tough it out. Boost your serotinin levels - get some sunlight. Exercise is a wonderful way to keep serotinin levels up, as well as eating healthy grains and carbs. If you need help - reach out, you are not alone.

Rest and Renewal - Sleeping enough is an extremely important aspect of feeling good. This is especially true for women, who are nurturers by nature and they give and give and give to everyone else, often neglecting their own needs. It is important to stop-rest-renew in order to fill yourself up first so you are not totally depleted. Find ways to pamper yourself and take time to put you, your health, and your well being at the top of your to do list each and every day.

Instead of making the usual diet New Year Resolutions this year, try making resolutions to pamper You, to have fun, to get out and exercise more and enjoy life. If you take care of your health and happiness first, the body's weight will more easily reach a healthier number too.

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ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Lady Rose, I just love you alls motto, "don't be a fool, eat for fuel"! And what a great New Year thought to diet the fun fuelfilled way! I'm out of shape by about * pounds and the Diet Pulpit way sounds the most fuelfilling and nurturing by far! Thanks for enlightening us with this post about Diet Pulpit:)

Anonymous said...

That's a fantastic would be wonderful if we could all just eat for fuel, but it's so hard to watch what you do have a terrific attitude..good for you

Anonymous said...

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