Friday, February 15, 2008

Hello from Sanni

Special thanks to The Blue Ribbon Bloggers for inviting me to join this phantastic community - and my deepest apologies for joining in so late.

For those of you who are not regulars of my main blog Coffee2go:
I´m Sanni - born June 11th, 1974 in Germany... many moons ago, when my parents named me "Sandra". I´ve lost that name somewhere ages ago - most of the people call me Sanni today, including my (online-) friends, parents and family.

Online friends include many Blue Ribbon Bloggers, like Mo, Susan Helene Gottfried and Linda.

My family... that´s

- Frank, the best hubby I can imagine,
- or little son Luis (a busy toddler, looking forward to his 2nd Birthday in April impatiently),
- Jersey - the furry diva (our chocolate labrador),
- the little baby girl "Hamster 2.0" (she will be born by the end of June) and
- me, Sanni, the coffee- and shopping-addicted, currently pregnant mommy of a busy toddler, caring significant other and puppy-lover, who´s trying to juggle the pregnancy hormones, her tons of projects and everyday life.

Tons of projects? Yes, I also got the addiction to keep myself way too busy with several projects - like my Project 365, where I post a photo a day taken on that day... or the Pimp Your Blog Template Design.

I´m not good in writing about myself... that might be the reason I joined in here so late.
Yes, I prefer someone else to write this "about me" *g*... because I´m Sanni, that´s why.

But did I mention I´m proud to be a member of the Blue Ribbon Bloggers? I am!

That´s why I´d love to share the Wisdom Award with all members:

Please visit today´s entry "Flattered on Friday" on my main blog to find out more. Thanks!


mauniejames3 said...

You sound wonderful, interesting and the busiest Mom on the planet..I think maybe you should rest a bit because two babies is like ten...your truly going to be running like a chicken with it's head cut that I have cheared you up...I can't wait to hear more from you...welcome...


Mo and The Purries said...

Welcome, Sanni!
How wonderful to see you here!


Unknown said...

Welcome to the community! Hope to hear more from you...Thanks...

Linda said...

Hello and welcome, Sanni! So nice to see your beautiful and smiling face here at BRB!

Thank you so much for the Wisdom Award, too, that was so sweet of you to coming bearing gifts!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Woo! Sanni's here!!

You are one of my MOST favorite people in the blog-o-sphere, woman. I'm glad you're among us.

Jos said...

On behalf of all Blue Ribbon Bloggers: Welcome Sanni! That is a very nice introduction and we all are looking forward to seeing more posts here by you. Thank you very much for the Wisdom Award! We have listed it proudly here on our Special Honors and Awards Page.

Jos said...

p.s.: I have added your name and link to Our BRB Contributing Authors Blogroll on the sidebar, as well as to our Contributing Authors BlogRoll Page.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hello Sanni! It’s never to late to join the Family of Fun at Blue Ribbon Bloggers! Don’t concern yourself about ‘writing about yourself’ because BRB is all about you the Co-Author and whatever you want to post . A home in the blogosphere where we also encourage one another to promote your causes – your sites, etc. Congratulations on being a busy multi-tasker Mom! When is your baby due? Also Sanni, how thoughtful for you to present us Members with the Wisdom Award! Thank You!

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Welcome Sanni! Looking forward to all your insights about life! :-)

Unknown said...

Thank you all so much for your warm welcome!

Happy SUNday! :)