Monday, February 11, 2008

The Red Carpet

I had not decided yet what to post in response to Another Link Call: Your favorite post. When Sunday, my Sister’s Husband had just returned home from war after his 13 month duty. Hopefully he won’t have to return again. Then sorrowfully the decision about a favorite post of mine from my site has been made for me. Cause mournfully I received the news that a Co-Worker lost his battle with cancer Sunday night. The sad news arrived today, just as a Friend of mine was undergoing a breast biopsy and we are currently awaiting the results. Therefore; in honor of my Co-Worker, I repost the following from my site. May countless Prayers reach his Family and Friends and help them to find the comfort needed during their time of grief. For he may have lost the battle with cancer but he left heart prints in many of our lives and hearts. And I’m certain somewhere above he is dancing on a red carpet to the Pearly Gates.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Awe yeah, the almighty red carpet! When people imagine the red carpet, they often envision – lights, camera, action – Hollywood! Star strutted status of various anticipated prestigious awards! Or Royalty and their entourage. However; there are numerous monumental red carpet moments in every ones life! Be it a Prom or Graduation. Job promotion or Career transformation. Marriage or get the Cradle ready. A Recreational recognition in Sports, Art, the Community, etc. The Cherry runner is afoot endlessly for any ripeness!

Oh, but heed the slippery slopes whence lay the thinly padded ‘blush mat’ of Shame. For even many a President have walked this crimson carpet. For example, he who could not quote “Fool Me Once Shame on You; Fool Me Twice Shame on Me”, has now ironically earned the name, ‘Bush Shame’.

And so there are occasions to proudly roll out the ‘burgundy carpet’ and there are times to tread lightly upon it. Today though; I learnt about the ‘ruby carpeted Encore’. Whence from behind the camouflaged curtain a figure appears to take a final bow. However; if any of us had to walk this red carpet, surely none could ever be as diligent as this distinguished Gentleman.

Scene: Work

Gathering: Employers, Employees, Co-Workers, Friends

Enter: Distinguished Gentleman

Précis of Speech: As most of you all know, today is my last day at work as I have been diagnosed with a rare inoperable stomach caner and will be going to Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, Maryland for treatment.

This Distinguished Gentleman continued, I am not much of a religious man yet. However; if some of you are – please remember to include my Wife in your prayers also. He then added his usual sense of humor to what has to be the bleakest moment in his life. Having returned home from War some years ago, he promised himself milkshakes! Stating, and though there is no scientific proof rather Arby’s or Wendy’s or McDonald's… milkshakes may have contributed to his stomach cancer; he sure enjoyed them as we all can tell by the size of his belly. He continued by humorously going into detail about how our Security Personnel adamantly would not let him enter the work premises today because he inadvertently forgot his proper identification. Ending, he therefore must leave before Security towed his car off.

Here is a man; already burdened with irrefutable fate, having to put his best foot forward for his peers – Friends…, whilst being ridiculed by his and our own Security System. Yet instead of giving up, turning his automobile around, and just returning home; he – being the Distinguished Gentleman he is - merely parks his auto on the side and walks inside his place of employment, sequentially to pace the ‘ruby carpet’ for us.

Surely cancer does not stand a fighting chance against such a Man with this kind of admirable caliber!

"Is That All There Is" by Peggy Lee


Jos said...

A great and thought provoking post, Michelle! It's hearth breaking and uplifting at the same time.. As you yourself must feel both hearth broken and uplifted now, with the sad news about your Co-Worker's death and the good news on your sister's husband.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Powerful writing.

As Jos said, heartbreaking and uplifting. The world gives us such an unbelivable amount of emotions to deal with; from the saddest tears of pain, to the tears that come from great joy.

Thanks for sharing your feelings with us.


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thank You Jos and Speedcat Hollydale very much. Yes, this has been another roller coaster ride for me with still a few more rough spots ahead. Understandably, others in the blogosphere are also experiencing their own turbulence along lifes many roads. Fortunately, in-between there are blessings to be thankful for.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Eloquent and moving!
Hugs and prayers,