Thursday, February 7, 2008

Link Call: My Favorite Post

Our Friendly World
By, Graciel © 2008

The world is populated by wonderful people. Kind people. Loving people. In every corner, in every climate, in every culture. Do not listen to the fickle, fan-flaming media and grandiose governments who wish us to live in fear of each other. Listen instead to the heartbeat of the collective human subconscious that knows unequivocally there is more positive energy than negative. More good stories than bad. More triumph than failure. More similarities than differences. More peace than war.
Every culture breeds fabulous human beings. Every culture harbors more friends than we can possibly enjoy in one lifetime. The glory of our shrinking world is the unlimited opportunities that now exist to share wonder and kindness and love with people who live beyond our own borders and people who move from other parts of the world to within our own borders. It is up to us to take the opportunities. To be open and willing and reciprocal with potential friends from afar. To embrace the swift river of love that flows around the world.
There are dynamic women in England. Helpful men in France. Gracious women in Australia. Intelligent men in Canada. Pick a location, pick a culture, there will be people worth knowing and befriending. French Polynesia, Sweden, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Bangladesh, Ukraine, Algeria. Each brimming with big hearts and fast smiles, waiting to be discovered.
The more curious we become about each other, the more time we take to learn from each other, the more we take each other into our hearts, the less illusionary sway will be felt from institutions-of-influence behaving badly. The less we will be inclined to numbly wage war for false reasons. The more we will insist on policies of peace in our cultures, peace in our religions, peace in our corners of the world.
Because friends honor friends and love honors love.The more comfortable we become with the wonderful people of the world, the more friends we will have, the more love we will have, and the more balance we will instill in the soul of our species.

{My blog,, is my small attempt to add positive energy and the vibration of love into whatever corner of the world it is read. Thank you for the invitation to add this post!}


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Graciel, you are the woman I'm too wimpy to be. I so believe you are right, it's not funny.

Ellen said...

Graciel, what a beautiful post! I do think you're so right. We have the opportunity, e.g. through the internet, to get to know more and more people we otherwise never would have met. By staying open, interested in and kind towards others, in their opinions and in their hearts, we learn, and gain momentum in this world.
With peace in our own hearts, and an open and curious mind towards others, we will contribute to a atmosphere of peace all around the world..

Thank you for sharing this positive and inspiring post!


Jos said...

Dear Graciel, I can see why this is your favorite post. It's a wonderful statement about the power of an open mind. I can only echo what Ellen just said. Thanks for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

This is so upbeat and it's one of my favorite posts too...if only everyone felt this way..

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Graciel of Evenstar Art, Thank You for sharing this wonderfully uplifting meaningful, positive post. I am grateful that you are in the blogosphere helping to spread "positive energy and the vibration of love".