Friday, March 7, 2008

Fun in the sun

Hubby and I had both been sick for about a week...the fun kind...sitting on the toilet and throwing into a add to the fun, the main bathroom was torn apart so we had only one toilet and one sink and shower...which were located four steps from the bedroom...oh the joy and glee...Hubby, of course, was not content with just the throwing and going...oh no...he had to announce whatever was coming up or salsa chips with the spinach dip was not a good idea....and the sangria...nasty..did you eat any of the chunky chocolate mint ice cream?
Anyway, God was good because he only had the throwing part for about three days while mine lingered on for weeks...I wasn't eating but we had friends coming in a week so I was kind of
forcing myself to do things, until I forced myself into the local hospital with atrial fib...they kept me for four days and only let me out when I threatened to leave against doctors orders...our
friends were coming in the next day..all was okay...they did whatever they wanted during the day and we all went to dinner at night...when the guys were in a golf tournament we went to the movies and saw...There will be blood....three hours later... I didn't enjoy it but it was wonderful
seeing our friends and I am getting back to normal slowly....I lost over twenty pounds...would love to keep that off but easier said then done...anyway just when you thought it was safe...I'm back...because I missed you all so much...Maunie


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Welcome back Maunie, we missed you also! Glad you all are better and all is well!

BTW: I hope you'll consider Jos's suggestion from your comment on "Lady Rose - Getting to Know Me Questions" and post your 'Getting To Know You' answers for all to enjoy :)

Anonymous said...

thanks jeane michelle for the kind words...I did actually do the getting to know me questions..but you know me...I put them under Lady Rose instead of in a new bad...just so glad to be back on...even for a bit at a time....Maun

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