Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hoppy Easter!

All Who Celebrate This Holiday:

And For Those Who Enjoy Pondering:

Main-stream Society has done far more irrectifiable damage to individualism than any distraught bullies have ever hoped to inflict upon seemingly Plain Janes or Computer Geeks. One need not be of Christian faith to enjoy the spirit of Easter nor does one need to be so of Christian faith as not to be able to participate in the frills of Easter. For there is such a thing called a medium – a middle ground; a point of view midway between extremes. Truly here is where individualism thrives. But how many dare to walk such a thin line? Come, stray for a moment if you will and walk with me away from the main-stream. For surely if it is true that life imitates art and art imitates life than what of this book called the Bible so many protest, perhaps merely literature, symbolism at its best . Gethsemane? Surely “[Surprisedbyjoy writes all of us will experience Gethsemanes in our lifetime. They are moments of great distress, fear and anguish. We may be experience hatred and betrayal. We may be called to pick up our ‘wounds’ and we don’t want to do it. Even Christ needed companions in Gethsemane. Sleeping friends were better than being alone. …we would be wise to ask for friends to be with us in our Gethsemanes. Don’t be upset when ‘some’ let us down. Judas betrayed, the others slumbered, Peter denied their relationship and they all ran away in fear. We see a picture of life drama and human frailties.]” This is Gethsemane, merely truth; facing the truth – moments of truth. As for the cross, we all have ours to bear, some more than others. I think the hardest cross to lay down and upon is forgiveness. “[Surprisedbyjoy states All of us have forgiveness issues. Human nature clings to grudge holding which leads to destructive bitterness and venom. For ‘any hope of any kind of’ growth, healing and maturity, ‘though’ we must forgive]” Often the hardest person to forgive is ourselves. Truly we are our own worse enemies at times. And so begins the crucifixion; we crucify those who have done us wrong and worse we crucify ourselves. It is a vicious circle, one perhaps of a dog trying to chew his own legs off only to succeed in immobilizing himself to never walk again. Oh but if we could forgive, especially ourselves we would truly rise again anew. A testament to all the Doubting Toms! Here in lays the problems, here in indeed. Inside this fleshy shell of ours, our very own tomb. Maybe the secret is buried in first healing the wounds; rather inflicted by others, and/or circumstances, or self. After all it is Spring and ‘Hope Springs Eternal’. And so this is Easter, the passing over and into the realizations of Gethsemane. We have ventured far enough now from the Main-stream Society for most to have seen the middle ground of art imitating life. I much rather join the allusion and dance with the Easter Bunny and color eggs than spend any more time dissecting life’s many illusions, delusions. Cause for now; liken love, spring is in the air - spring is every where!



mauniejames3 said...

Dear Jeane Michelle,
What a beautiful post on this
wonderful and holy day..your right
to forgive is devine..which makes it the hardest thing to do..we should all try to forgive ourselves first...then the rest will come...thanks for this lovely piece......

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thanks Maunie :) Many Blessings and Hugs to you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter to you and all BRB out there! ♥

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thank You Sanni from all of our hearts to yours :)Blessing in abundance to you and yours!