Sunday, March 30, 2008

My Role Model

Out Of The Box! M.P.H.

In 1998, I had called my Aunt and Uncle to let them know that my Mother’s Husband had departed from his battle with cancer. To this day I still remember my Aunt’s voice as she broke the news to me on the phone, my Uncle died unexpectedly in his sleep of a brain aneurysm. Serendipitously, both men died within 24 hours of one another. A few years later while sorting through the baited rat trap of boxes I had accumulated over the years, I had to face and embrace the memories of my Uncle Bill. Each photo found, showed him as a tall lanky Gentleman whom never seemed to age. Amidst my collection were letters from him and my Aunt; places they had been, things they were doing. A wonderful assortment of cherished birthday and holiday cards from them - expanding from my youth to that of an adult. And with each memorabilia, I found myself on a journey down memory lane filled with echoing heart felt laughter and love. My Uncle Bill made his living painting homes and in-between his brush decorated canvases with beautiful pictures. My favorite are those of trees and covered bridges. Recently franscud; Francis Scudellari Author of Caught In The Stream posted about Mr. Potato Head. I mention this because one of my fondest childhood memories is when my Aunt and Uncle took me on a trip with them to Tennessee, for their Daughter’s wedding. First, one must envision such a tall man being the owner of and driving a VW, back in the days when these adorable beetle bugs were petite. As a child, I always found it humorous and amazing how my Uncle Bill fit himself into this car. In Tennessee, Uncle Bill took me for my first double dipped ice cream cone! Outside the snack bar, my top scoop plummeted to the ground immediately. Uncle Bill merely smiled; gently taking my hand, he walked me into the ice cream shop again, for another delicious dip atop my cone! On our way back from the wedding, the heater in the VW decided to quit. When Uncle Bill stopped to get a few repair supplies, he made a side stop into a near by store where he bought me, yes – Mr. Potato Head! And so, with permission from Francis; for all those boxes that couldn’t hold all my treasures of yesterday; I present to you my Readers, Mr. Potato Head, for all to enjoy! May such a photo be liken a feather duster on the memory box in your minds and bring you treasured smiles also.

When putting things back together again was simple:

My Uncle Bill and Aunt Ella

Here’s to you, my Uncle Bill!

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mauniejames3 said...

Jeane Michelle,
When things are happening to us they may seem special but do not have the importance they do many years later. You have drawn such a lovely picture of your Aunt and Uncle, it enables all of us to enjoy and share them with are such a proficient writer, you bring all your stories wrapped in a big red bow..thank you

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Maunie your kind and thoughtful words have touched my heart and brought 'sweet' tears to my eyes. Thank You :)

Ellen said...

Jeane Michelle,
thank you for sharing this heartwarming story. You indeed paint a wonderful picture of a loving and warm couple of people..

Your post brings back childhood memories of my own, forgotten, precious and slightly painful but important memories..
thank you...

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Ellen, Thank You for your insightful words. True, though sometimes painful – a stroll down memory lane is worth the journey with the heart; for memories are liken heart strings that strum at the mind, projecting the many paths traveled.