Monday, March 10, 2008

Maunie Trivia

1. what is your occupation...lay not work
2. color of pink
3. what are you listening to? Hubby speaking to our cat Penny about her weight problem
4. last thing I ate..bacon and eggs
5. can you drive a stick shift...yes
6. if you were a crayon what color would you
7. last person you spoke to on the perfect granddaughter home sick with the flu..
8. do you like the person who sent this to you...sure...but no one sent it to me
9. favorite white soda
10. fave sport to red sox
11. have you ever dyed your hair?
of course...every six weeks
12. Pets...Penny..the most wonderful cat ever..
13. fave crab legs
14. Last movie...the bucket list..favorite line from movie...never trust a fart (after last three weeks of illness)
15. fave day of year...grand kids celebrating with them
16. how to vent anger...write a long read it next day..then throw it away
17. fave toy..doll house
18. whats your fave..spring or fall..fall
19. hugs or kisses...both
20. kind of pie..choc. cream
21. want your friends to email you back...of course
22. who is the most likely to respond clue
23. who is least clue
24. living with hubby and penny
25. last time you cried..when I found out about my favorite cousin having cancer.
26. whats on the floor of your and hand bags
27. who is the friend you are sending this to you have known the idea yet
28. who is the friend you have known the shortest? no idea
29. favorite smell...vanilla...shalimar
30. what inspires family..a good book...sitting on the beach...
31. what frightens you....mice..rats..large bugs..aggressive people
32. plain..cheese..or spicy hamburger...cheeseburger with lettuce tomotoe and onion
33. favorite beautiful green el dorado caddy...I still miss it...
34. favorite pet beautiful calico cat...german shorthair dog
35. number of keys on your key ring.....6
36. years at current job... 28
37. favorite day of the week..Sat.
38. how many states have you lived in.....two...Ma. and Florida
39. how many countries have you visited...Canada, all of the carribean islands...Hawaii..even though it's part of the U S just like mentioning it...some of south America...Italy...Sw.
I'm really boring and have no tattoos nor do I plan on getting them since I hear they hurt


mauniejames3 said...

Thank you so much are the man...


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Fantastic always Getting To Know You - Maunie! Love your inspirations!