Wednesday, March 5, 2008

What Do You Love?

Today, I want you to quiet your monkey-mind. The part of your mind that swings wildly from one illusion to another. From one worry to another. From one judgement to another. I want you to practice focusing the part of your mind that leads you into made-up trouble on something positive. Practice focusing for one minute. Yes, just one minute. I want you to think about what you love. Not who you love. That's another minute. This minute, I want you to think about what you love. Because it takes a bit of concentration and the monkey-mind must come to a rest while thinking positive thoughts.
While you're contemplating, I'll share with you what I love:
*The first scent of apple blossoms in May
*Orange roses
*The laughter of the red-bellied woodpecker
*Stained glass windows
*Lancet arches
*The color cerulean blue
*Rose petal tea
*European chocolate
*Hiking along a creek
*Autumn leaves
*Every single bird
*Skeleton keys
*The poetry of Pablo Neruda
*Hot wine soup
*Moonlight on snow
*Red shoes
Like me, you will find that one minute is highly insufficient for focusing on things you love. One minute could easily turn into hours. And those pleasant hours will seem like minutes.

You see, love is the secret to making everything more positive. Focus on love and illusion retreats. Focus on love and worries abate. Next time your monkey-mind is swinging out of control, take a deep breath and focus on anything you love. Keep a list handy of your personal, positive loves and refer to it in times of need. Add to your list on a daily basis.
When you turn your thoughts to something highly personal and highly positive, blood pressure drops. Tears dry up. Shoulders relax. Give your mind a needed rest. Focus on what you love.
Copyright (c) Graciel of Evenstar Art


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Graciel, your words have a way of instantly bringing peace to my mind and in the process I could clearly see, 'love' is definitely 'the secret'. I want to Thank You for providing this much needed mental break.

Ellen said...

Hi Graciel,

thanks for this beautifully written, positive post..

A wonderful way to, indeed, give my mind it's needed rest.. To focus on what and whom I love..



Anonymous said...

I love feeling better...I have been sick for three weeks...four days in the hospital and the rest of the time in bed...I feel great just sitting at the computer again..I know they say the flu is bad this year but it's been horrible...hello all my friends..I missed you all so much...back to bed..I will check back in tomorrow..Maunie

surjit singh said...

I thought I was included in the original list of Blue Ribbon Bloggers.
God bless.

Jos said...

Hello Surjit,
We are so sorry, we know you were included. Only very shortly before the current admins of this BRB blog took over, there have been some weird problems with security on and in the blog, and some unexplainable changes were made to the list of Original Blue Ribbon Bloggers.
Can you please send us an e-mail with your e-mail address and your blog link (send to blueribbonbloggersATgmailDOTcom), and we will not only include you in the list, but will also send you a new technical invitation with which you will be able to sign in to the blog and be one of our co-authors. I would realy love it if you would do that!

on behalf of BRB admin,

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and this post i finally thingking and realize the list of my favorite things... (^_^)

And pheeeww i just did my top 100 lists about me.. I do really love your orange roses btw, beautiful!