Friday, March 28, 2008

Team Spirit!

The Team Spirit of Blue Ribbon Bloggers is shining bright as always! Suggestions for posts, challenges, etc. are always welcome.

Currently we have with “Do you have a role model in your life”

from his post . Feel free to share with us your pictures and/or posts about your role models!

For the time being; while I am currently sorting through my pictures for a pix, has posted receiving several comments worthy of a post:

from It's A Blog Eat Blog World said...

My worst car was also a Ford.
They don't call 'em
Found On Road Dead for nothing, ya know.
Mine would see a hill in the distance and slow down.
Then, in a parking garage, during a winter, the transmission fell out of it with no warning. I had to pay the parking garage fee for the towtruck, too!!!!

My most reliable car: a Pontiac Vibe

from Positive Communication said...

My best and worst cars ever are Alfa Romeo's.. Beautiful, fast italian cars, but trustworthy... uhmm.. not..

One day one of my colleagues suggested that the car should have been delivered with a standard bookshelf.. so I'd have something to read every time the car broke down..

from Are We There Yet?? said...

Probably my worst car ever was a Ford also. It was the only one that I ever had the transmission go on. I traded it in a few years back for my current car which is a Mazda 3S. It hasn't given me a bit of trouble - knock on wood!

As for myself - ndpthepoetress Jeane Michelle, personally I think my car woes could out do anyone. Lets see, Buick Skylark. Crossing the road with traffic coming at my passenger and driver side door – the drive shaft drops! Thankfully, I managed to skid safely across the road.

Pinto, not sure what kind, just rather small – my little Brother was in town on a rather heavy rainy night. He had stopped by my job to surprise me for a visit. On the ride home that night the water level on the road stalled my car. We didn’t want to impede traffic so my Brother and I pushed my Pinto off the street and accidently into a deep ditch. Needless to say, my car drowned head first.

Unbeknownst to me, a vindictive Person once put sugar into the gas tank of my Dodge Colt station wagon. The next day, traveling on the interstate during lunch hour bumper to bumper traffic, my car suddenly stalled out. Just as traffic was starting to pick up speed, another auto came racing off an exit ramp and suddenly rear ended my stalled car with me in it. My car was totaled but fortunately I had only minor injures and back problems that had me out of work for nearly two years.

Several pictures to accommodate this post will pursue as soon as found :)

Thanks you all; keep the posts a coming, comments, challenges, pictures, etc. always welcomed!