Thursday, March 27, 2008

What kind of car has been your problem vehicle?

I have a problem car.. Mine is a 94 ford taurus... We have so much problems with that darn car over the years since we bought, we have learned never buy a ford car ever again.. So what has been your problem vehicle so we can learn to never buy that type of car? We have all heard stories of certain cars.. What`s yours? Some cars can live forever and others only for a few years if you are lucky. Do you have any funny stories you would like to share about your vehicle? If so, please tell us.. Thanks!



Mo and The Purries said...

My worst car was also a Ford.
They don't call 'em
Found On Road Dead for nothing, ya know.
Mine would see a hill in the distance and slow down.
Then, in a parking garage, during a winter, the transmission fell out of it with no warning. I had to pay the parking garage fee for the towtruck, too!!!!

My most reliable car: a Pontiac Vibe

Ellen said...

My best and worst cars ever are Alfa Romeo's.. Beautiful, fast italian cars, but trustworthy...uhmm.. not..

One day one of my colleagues suggested that the car should have been delivered with a standard bookshelf.. so I'd have something to read every time the car broke down..

Linda said...

Probably my worst car ever was a Ford also. It was the only one that I ever had the transmission go on. I traded it in a few years back for my current car which is a Mazda 3S. It hasn't given me a bit of trouble - knock on wood!

mauniejames3 said...

My worst car was a red chevy wagon
it broke down so often I wanted to
leave it in an intersection. I had
to keep my foot on the brake and gas to keep it from stalling...Thank goodness young son smashed it into a parked car.
My best car was my dark green el dorado..I loved driving it until
it met a similar fate as the chevy.
I love my new has only two sets of keys....