Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Do Not Be Afraid

Do not be afraid to open your heart. Do not be afraid to give generously. Do not be afraid to go against the grain, live with abandon and march to your own drummer, even if it makes others uncomfortable. Their discomfort is not your responsibility. Nor is it yours to soothe by plucking the wings that seek to lift your heart into its own wild spaces.

Do not be afraid to live as God made you. You are sacred in Its eyes. You are perfect in Its heart. You are Its hoped for and longed for answer to Love. Love expressed without reservation. Love expressed with gust and glory and glee. Do not hold back. Do not shrink before opportunity.

Breathe, center and walk boldly into your wild spaces. Fill them up with your one-and-onlyness. Share them with those able and willing to see clearly your truth and your shimmer. Encourage others to find their own wildness, their own open and generous love.The world is waiting for you. God is supporting you. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid.

Text copyright (c) 2008 Graciel


Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Thank you, Graciel. I feel like you are speaking right to me, and it's given me strength.

Just... thank you.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Echo Susan: Thank You Graciel! I needed this refreshing breath of open encouragement accented with such a gentle caring nudge for all to embrace.

Robin Lee Sardini said...

Beautiful, Graciel! This really speaks to me, too! Bless you, my Friend!

Jos said...

I am joining Susan, Jeane Michelle and Robin in saying 'Thank you', Graciel. A very warm and caring encouragement to live by...

Ellen said...

Thank you for sharing these beautiful, encouraging words.

Fear unfortunately is still one of the main drivers that determines our decisions in love and in life itself..
Your words are a true inspiration to try and put that fear aside.. live my own life..

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful and an open encouragement to be unafraid...I think it's so beautiful...
but I guess I still can't walk naked into this good night....sorry
you know me I just could not resist.