Monday, January 21, 2008

Thank you for Cheering me up Blue Ribbon Bloggers!

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I hold the Blue Ribbon Bloggers in the highest esteem - right up there with the likes of Charlotte from Charlotte's Web, a box of Peanut Butter Panic from Blue Bunny Ice Cream, and a copy of the image above of Lucy and Ethel on the job at the candy company. That's why I would like to present you with my You Cheer Me Up Award. We often never get the chance to show our appreciation to the people or for the things that cheer us up. For example, I would give anything for the opportunity to give E.B.White, the author of Charlotte's Web, the You Cheer Me Up Award but I will not have that opportunity...

Nor will I be in the position to give an award to Lucy and Ethel for the whole idea of them on the job at the Candy Company - trying to eat candy as fast as the conveyor belt delivered it... it is a dream that is simply out of the question...

Although, I can give the bloggers who make me laugh until my face hurts this award... and I can give it to the bloggers whose writing voice comforts me when I'm feeling lost or inspires me when I'm feeling blue. Therefore, if your blog is awarded the You Cheer Me Up Award it's because it possesses one or all three of the qualities mentioned and I thank you for it.

I wrote the original post for the You Cheer Me Up Award on A Nice Place In The Sun, however, I also wanted to award all of you by posting on the Blue Ribbon Bloggers site as well. Here is a copy of the award and code for all of you to pass along to the bloggers who cheer you up, or to just to post for a laugh in your sidebar.

I listed some examples of who I wish I could award with a You Cheer Me Up Award, although, you may feel differently. Therefore, if you are a recipient and would like to pass some awards along yourself you can use some examples of what cheers you up, and pass the award to the bloggers you have an opportunity to thank for cheering you up. Here are the rules or instructions:)

If you are a recipient of the You Cheer Me Up Award, please find the blogs that cheer you up, copy the code to post on your sidebar and pass Ethel and Lucy across the blogosphere. You can use what cheers you up in your post, or copy this one, but please send your award recipients back to the original post on A Nice Place In The Sun to get a copy of the award code to post the image and read the instructions. I want to try to maintain a page of original and ongoing award recipients, so feel free to let me know if you've received an award when you pick up the image code.

Thanks and congrats to all Blue Ribbon Bloggers, who are some of the best in the blogosphere because you cheer a variety of people up every day with a variety of different posts from all over the Internet. I'm grateful and honored to play a part in such a fantastic community. Cheers, and have fun dancing, singing, playing, laughing- and taking advantage of the opportunity to cheer each other up!


(here's the code for the award:)
<a href=""> <img alt="Cheering me up Award" src=""/></a>


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Ann, on behalf of all Blue Ribbon Bloggers!


p.s.: exactly when you were writing this post, I was already publishing this award on our Blue Ribbon Bloggers Special Honors & Awards Page :))

Anonymous said...

Jos, Did I mess something up? I just didn't think with everything else you had going on (that I might add I haven't been much help with)that you needed this to deal with as well, and that I could at least publish my award post. Thank you for adding it to the Special Honors and Awards page. I hope it's o.k. that I posted this post as well. Let me know, o.k.? Also let me know how I can help with this MyBlogLog (that is, if I can) thing you've been dealing with... which by the way, you're doing a great job of handling. And again, thanks for everything~ Plus congrats~

Your friend, Ann

Jos said...

No problems, Ann :))

I am glad you did this post - I was planning to do it, as I promised you, and had only just started by adding the Award Image with a link to your blog on our BRB Special Honors & Awards Page. And when done that, I thought I'd start writing a post about it and then I saw your post already ready! Great Timing :))

BTW: I hope you don't mind that I moved the code to the bottom of your post - I think this way the Award Image looks so much better!
I have also removed your 'Tag', as the tags box is our current way of 'feeding' the list of Contributing Authors on he left sidebar and can therefore only contain your Co-author name.

Anonymous said...

Oh o.k. I see about the tag, and actually, I thank you for moving the code. You're right, it does look better. Thanks for everything Jos, and you're really doing a great job with this blog. I'm proud of you~

And congrats!


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thanks Ann! Don't forget, you are a ray of Sunshine, cause wherever you are is "A Nice Place in The Sun"

Anonymous said...

Thank you Michelle, that is a very sweet thing to say, and congrats. I also nominated Binding Ink. :)) Because you double cheer me up!