Saturday, January 19, 2008

My Shame (1)

My only sister and I never had a lot in common..she was the princess and I was the scullery maid..never was she asked to pick a dish off the table or cook a meal but that was just how it was...I thought we had gotten past a lot of that, but apparently not...she belongs to my book club and my birthday fell on the day before we were supposed to meet for our Christmas party.

She brought a birthday card with her to the party and imagine my surprise when a gift card fell out...I said she really shouldn't have but she said,"of course I did"..

My sister is having some bad luck right now...she is trying to sell her condo..and the market is bad...well anyway...I was pleased to get just a card and expected nothing else and being me forgot all about the gift card until the other day...

A few friends were going to the mall and I really didn't need anything but went along for the ride (shopping is not about's about SALES)..I did forget to bring down enough bra's and when I saw my brand and size at such a reduced price..I thought..Oh yeah...I have that gift card..