Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The Road Less Traveled

T’weren’t a B&B, it was a watertower. Yup. A watertower. Long story, but back in the OLDEN days (back when you were young, I reckon…heh) every home and business had to have its own watertower. So, we turned right at the ocean off of Highway 1, and we follow these directions and go down this barely two-land road marked, “Not a through road.” We travel down that road for about 4 miles or so, knowing full well there are houses somewhere back off the road, because we see smoke coming from this chimney and that, but we can’t see the forest through the trees or something like that and then we turn right past the big watertower that provides the water for their fire station, such as it is, and go down another road, through a darker forest. The road slowly narrows, sometimes down to one lane, barely, because there are two Redwoods in the way – one on each side of the place they made the road. We see a sign that says, “Slow down,” which seems kind of fortuitous on a number of levels, and then the road becomes dirt (or mud in this case). Choosing which of the three roads that forked in front of us, we decided to take the one less traveled. We coasted through a gate and into a meadow in the midst of which was our watertower. I’ll post pictures tomorrow, but it was incredible – what, besides the honeymoon being over in one way, but just starting in another and – out one side of the house we looked at majestic Redwood forest and the other, a pasture with goats and a meadow where all the sun seemed finally able to focus – it had to find its place - it sure wasn’t getting through those Redwoods.

I fell in love this weekend.

© Lori Hahn, 2008


Jos said...

Great portrait of a situation, Lori.

I think you don't really need to post any pictures about this; the way you describe this scene is painting a perfect image in our minds -- A few words telling more than a thousand pictures ;)

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful post Lori...it took my breath away..your descriptions are so wonderful I could easily see it in my mind..right down to the goats..
you should be writing a travelog or
something..I'm so terribly glad your here..


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

How incredibly majestic! I’m in envy and awe :)