Thursday, January 17, 2008

Stress Stinks

Talk about a stinking bad day; cow patties plunged down into the deep fiery depths below, can only begin to describe such wretchedness. Yesterday I arrived at work to see Security Guards surrounding someone who is stretched out on the cold ground of the parking lot. Nearing the scene I hear a familiar voice, as suddenly my throat drops to the pit of my stomach. The Person on the ground is my Friend who tells me in her usual joking voice, well I’ve done it again. The first thoughts that flew out as words in my mouth were, you went and had another heart attack? Fortunately not! Apparently she had tripped and fell. The darken early icy morning showed a thin blanket flapping in the wind while trying to keep her covered. She refused an ambulance saying she couldn’t afford the expense and insisted she was ok. Unable to ease her mind of the cost and possible need to at least have an ambulance medic check her injuries; I asked if she could be taken inside away from the cold, however; a Guard stated they couldn’t let her move yet. It must have been 20 minutes or longer of my Friend persisting she was ok before anyone could then help her enter the building under the agreement that her Daughter would come and take her home or to a Doctor if needed. Once inside, she was then given a cold ice pack to put on her injured knee. Talk about a cold way to handle matters, dang! My Friend was back to work today, still having refused to go see a Doctor – insisting she is ok except for hobbling around on an extremely bruised knee.

Yesterday continued with the new pressure in our Department of an increase from 700 to 900 per Person, production daily. I was down to the last hour and merely 30 more to go when anything that could go wrong went wrong. Paper ran out and had to be changed twice. Then on the final minutes, I was short exactly one and had to go plunder quickly for a remedy. All in all, I managed to achieve the newly set goal. Yet learned, never ask if things could get much worse:

After work, I walked out to my car to find a puddle of liquid green death yet to intoxicate the surrounding bare leaf trees. First the cold murdered my , then the cold tried to freeze my Friend, now perhaps karmatically the cold was trying to bust my engine block. Knowing the temperatures were to drop even lower that night, I slowly drove to my mechanic. Couldn’t be as simple as a thermostat, or upper or lower radiator hose; no – it had to be the worse case scenario, my water pump was gone. The only warning, the wee hours of morning before - my low coolant light came on. So I pulled over to the nearest well lit area without any water near by, forethought: I opted to pour straight antifreeze into the reservoir for fear of opening a hot radiator cap. Afterthought: maybe that wasn’t such a bright idea, perhaps the undiluted solution acted as acid on the water pump or seal.

Well, back to my not so cowriffic yesterday: a Friend and I decided to hang out at a restaurant where I could unwind from such a stressful day, while my car was being repaired. Only we couldn’t even begin to enjoy our drinks for the pollution of two Waitresses perfumes going down our throats! Look, clean air is an essential for me - I have to be able to breath while smoking because I have asthma/bronchitis. So we left that restaurant and went to another place.

All in all, my car was able to be fixed that night, my Friend is ok, and production is but a number. Still, what a day of cow patties plunged down into the deep fiery depths below! What a stinkin’ crappy day, ug!

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Geez. I thought my day yesterday sucked.

I am miserable FOR you after that set of adventures!

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Oh Susan please share your stress of yesterday, do tell! Might make me feel better :)

Jos said...

Hi Michelle,
It certainly looks like you had a Murphy's day.. Sometimes a day just doesn't seem to be fit for being around. Fortunately you are capable to write about it, that's a good way of getting even with a bad day, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jos! I recon if "the Pen is mightier than the sword", than perhaps a pen can be mightier than Murphy's Law! :)

Anonymous said...

haha, I came out anonymous rofl, Murphy's Law strikes again lol! Let me try one more time, or dare I chance fate?

Anonymous said...

Haha, Michelle, no worries!! Even the Anonymous Pen can be mightier than Murphy :)

Anonymous said...

Oh poor you...if it's Karma some
wonderful things probably await today...We all have horrible days like that..but I have never looked back and laughed at need a good friend to take you out and raise h*ll...that always works for me...(sometimes I invent bad days)


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hi Maunie James! I was thinking the same thing, that something good must be on its way. Unfortunately, Murphy's Laws are still at work for me, ug! Yes, need to go out with Friends :)