Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Whee! Books!

Over at BookCrossing, a vibrant community of readers, we have a term for what we call a Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness -- a RABCK.

Today, I received a RAPK -- Random Act of Promotional Kindness. And while I love RABCKS, I might just love this more.

You see, at the end of last year, I posted my year-end review of the books I'd read in 2007. You can read it here. I love doing these round-ups; I love to highlight the good stuff, most of which my regulars tell me they've never heard of, sadly enough. There's some really good fiction on the shelves out there. Trust me. I've been searching it out.

Linda Fairstein, author of the Alex Cooper novels, caught a glimpse of my mention of the spree I'd gone on with her books earlier in the year. All you mystery lovers, if you haven't yet, check this series out. It's innovative and based on Fairstein's years in the DA's office. This woman changed the world -- for the better.

Anyway, she left me a comment at the end of the post, thanking me for the kind words (hey, they were deserved; no thanks are needed!) and offering to send me a copy of Bad Blood, her 2007 release. Like I said, this was a small act of promotional kindness on her end. And being a sucker for books -- and especially hers -- how could I possibly say, "Oh, that's too kind, but no thanks" and not hate myself later for it? I mean, hello! This is Linda Fairstein!

Her tenth Alex Cooper novel, Killer Heat, will be coming out in March and like every other author out there whose name's not Rowling, Evanovich, or King, she could use an extra bit of attention for it. The book business is brutal these days. Trust me, but if you don't, read the end of the next paragraph.

Bad Blood was waiting for me in my PO Box today, along with an ARC of Julie Hyzy's new book, State of the Onion. I'll be reviewing that fun-looking book for Front Street Reviews, like usual. And, in case you needed proof of how tight publishing is, so were two rejections from literary agents I'd queried for Trevor's Song, my own novel that I'm positively itching to bring to you guys.

Now I've got this conundrum. I've promised a review to Ms. Hyzy -- and to my editor at Front Street. And I'm trying to keep from salivating with desire on my new copy of Bad Blood. What do I do first? (the review, obviously -- it's sort of like behaving myself and eating dinner before dessert, although I'm quite famous for eating ONLY dessert.)

Then again... hmmm.... think my editor wants a review of Bad Blood? Two reviews instead of one?

Maybe I'll sweeten the deal with my editor and offer her the cool New York District Attorney's pin with Alex Cooper's name on it. The one that was in the package with Bad Blood.

Nah. The pin's mine. The book's mine. The pleasure to read both books (Bad Blood and State of the Onion) is mine.

I'll share the experience when I'm done. That way, someone around here gets to eat dessert only.


Jos said...


If Trevor's Song is written in the same way that this post is, these two literary agents that rejected it can simply possibly not read.

I love your style of writing! As a reply to your comment re: Link Call Invitation: I'm "deeply" entertained.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Quite possibly. At least one of the rejections smacks of the usual, "Books about rock stars don't sell and I need to pay my rent next month!"

Ha. I'll show them how badly books about rock stars sell.... *snort*

And thanks for the praise. It's always welcome stuff!

Front Street Reviews said...

Hey Susan- yeah, I am pretty darn sure I will take two reviews from you!! (Even is you do keep the pin.)You know you are always excitedly welcomed at Front Street. Bring them on!!
Barb aka "The editor"

Julia Phillips Smith said...

Just keep shopping it around. It's only a matter of time, Susan!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Susan!! I, too love your writing. So excited to see a fellow BookCrosser as well! I've been a member there since August, 2003. Five years later, I'm still releasing books. My one regret so far is that i was unable ti attend to Charleston convention last year.

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Susan, what a wonderful informative post full of relevant intriguing links! Oh, to be able to change lives with you just for a day!! Please do keep us posted on your experience and Trevor's Song! Bon Appetite and Happy Reading!