Friday, January 18, 2008

My Old Packard Bell

"Let the light from your soul shine as a beacon of warmth, and positive reactions will follow..."

This is an example of thoughts that guide my life. I am what you would call a changed person, by that meaning I have stumbled my way through a majority of my time here on Earth. How did I arrive here, invited to participate on this page? I see many names I know listed as contributors here on the Blue Ribbon Blog, and they are all well respected favorites of mine. Also - some that I am unfamiliar with. In the following weeks I plan to visit each and every blog found on the sidebar.

This is the short version of my life. My name is Eric ... better known as "Speedcat Hollydale"

This is a picture from my childhood. I grew up in a classic middle American family with strong family values. I really do not have many sad memories from youth, and am grateful and blessed with a past of hugs, love, and guidance. I never realized just how lucky that is until later in life. From my eyes, the world was a perfect place.

Of course the world is not really perfect, far from it really. I am not perfect either. I have made many mistakes, hurt people, let people down, and ultimately let myself down.

I have a history of alcoholism in my family, not my immediate family, but it's there. I am one of it's victims. By saying this, I still take all responsibility for all that has transpired in my past, just that I believe some are more prone than others to be inflicted with the crushing consequences of drinking. I nearly destroyed everything I had ... my health, my relationships, my job, and mostly my pride and self worth. These horrible things ended over 5 years ago.

I did not change my life, nor did a group like AA. The good Lord did. I realized my powerless condition and asked to be saved. That day will forever be my greatest day! Imagine, just one simple thing, changed everything.

I have brand new eyes. Eyes that see possibility, hope, and a future that can be as great as the effort you impart. I have also realized that what really counts in life are the impacts that you have on others. You can never share or care too much. Connections of love are those that bind us, and create a real happiness, not a short lived feeling or emotion. I had no idea that when I started blogging one day on an old Packard Bell computer that these very things could happen across an Internet connection. That's the key word - "connection". I have witnessed and read so many stories from bloggers that open their hearts and share the stories and thoughts from past and present. It seems like the warmest and most caring people are attracted to blogging. Have you ever noticed that?

Back to the people involved with this page. I am honored to be invited to this group. How this came to be, I'm not quite sure, but I must tell you that it is a nice feeling. This is one day, and one post, that will always be special to me.

Spartan cheerleader in red pants with super nice shoes This picture was made by Ann from "A Nice Place in the Sun". I think it looks like the new me. "Hello everyone!!!"

Speedcat Hollydale: still working from an old Packard Bell


Jackie said...

Oh Eric what a grand introduction!! But, of course you being you is what we all love about you!! I am so excited to be the first to say hello.
God Bless Eric,

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Jackie! This really is the King of blogs here. Before my invatation, I never had seen this page. It was like walking into the "Hall of Fame". Very impressive.
I am jumping all over the place tonight, running my Old Packard and my mobile at the same time.

See you at the Painted Veil!!

Olga, the Traveling Bra said...

Oh Speedy - We are kindred spirits!... and I'll bet you NEVER thought you'd ever hear THAT from a bra, huh? And I agree that the nicest folks are attracted to blogging! :) Looking forward to hearing more from you as we travel along the crazy, wonderful road of life!
God Bless!
~Olga (and Shawn!)

Anonymous said...

Eric, I'm glad I fit those shoes in the picture. For some reason I kept cutting the shoes off as I was making the image, which is so much funnier with you and the shoes in it. So I'm glad I finally did it right. Welcome aboard The Blue Ribbon Bloggers! This post touched me more than you can imagine. It's serendipitous that you would use this picture too...because it caught my attention and I'm glad it did, because I read this post.

It reminded me of two quotes that I wanted to share with you;

By Franz Kafka
"A book must be the axe for the frozen sea inside us."`

Please forgive my literary analysis, but what I think Kafka means by that quote is that the words in a book should crack open the truth, treasures, and tragedies about life- awakening a sleeping soul and enlightening a tired mind. Writers who are true to their readers are also true to themselves. All I'm trying to say is what you wrote here is the kind of writing that helps people, I think it does anyway. But, I guess I could have just said that~

I beg your pardon but here's the other quote,

By Aeschylus
"And even in our sleep pain that cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, and in our own despair, against our will, comes wisdom to us by the awful grace of God."

God bless and stay honest~


Sorry for such a long comment.

BlueRibbonBloggers said...

Hi Eric!

On behalf of all Blue Ribbon Bloggers, us 'Admins' , the other Co-Authors and Gracie Belle: Welcome aboard!

We are looking forward to seeing lots of your stuff flashing by on this blog, soon!


Speedcat Hollydale said...

Olga (and Shawn): Thanks for stopping in! So true, isn't it? On the crazy road of life, it does not matter what kind of car you have ... it's the direction your going. See you later :)

Ann: You really did a great job!
... and I love long comments :)
Two great quotes: they pack a large message no doubt! Before I published this "first post" I had 2 people read it to see what they thought. I was trying to portray a little bit of who I am. These are topics not really covered in my main blog. As an introduction, I hoped to set forth some of what I hold to be truth, and a few bits of my past.
Thanks Ann, you always make me feel at home.

Jos & the "Blue Ribbon Bloggers"

Thanks for welcoming this small time cat to this increadible blog. It really was the highlight of my week. I look forward to being part of this page and reading posts from you and all of the great people here.


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Speedcat Hollydale, you are thankfully here and that’s because you are definitely a Blue Ribbon Blogger and this post exemplifies this fact. Gosh, I appreciate you sharing about your recovery and crediting the Lord. No matter whom or what causes a typhoon to turn, as long as it is toward a better direction, one can never be steered wrong. We look forward to more posts from you as the ‘connection’ of humanity continues to unite humankind in all our endeavors. BTW: is an old Packard Bell like the days of the old 386 motherboards? :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Jeane Michelle Culp: It made me a bit nervous posting here for the first time... now with such a nice welcome by you and others, I feel more at home -thanks :)

I think the Packard Bell just a bit faster than a 386 motherboard, but does not have as much memory!!!

Robin Lee Sardini said...

It's a Grand Day with you here, my Friend! You are the best!