Saturday, January 26, 2008

Wild Call!

It’s the call of the wild! No the call of the nutty :), oh that was by the nutty Jos Link Call Invitation where Mo started a mo about Mo with 25 Things About Mo. Jos followed, 3 Answers, "Answering to my own BRB Link Call Invitation, and inspired by Mo's wonderful "get to know Mo" post." Maunie James joined in the fun with All about Maun! Than before the nutty wildness, others like wonderful Susan Helene Gottfried posted her Seven Things meme! And now here’s my meme about me, a combination of two posts 8 Random Facts about Me and Amazing MeMe (caution: may cause drowsiness):

1. I’ve written over 5,000 poems and aspire to publish them one day. Currently, I am also writing 8 different books - at one time.

2. All my posts have a purpose, however; often I will not direct Readers toward such – I prefer to let each Reader construe for themselves, thus respecting their individualism.

3. As a child, I actually was bitten on the hand by a real monkey that was being walked down the street - on a leash by its’ owner. Nonetheless; I simply adore monkeys, real or replicated.

4. I once wanted to be a Nun and it’s not to late!

5. People are my passion. I always welcome e-mails and enjoy getting to know each persons’ unique characteristics that make up the totality of themselves as an individual in Society.

6. The violin is my musical instrument of preference.

7. I adamantly believe that racial prejudice is ignorance - when we all bleed the same color blood. Hence, I say: have ye who are prejudice slit thou own wrists first; if your blood be red as all human beings - than either bleed to death or shut up.

8. I like frogs! Not only because FROG stands for Fully Rely On God, but also because I think frogs are cute!

1. Starting at about age 12, I secretly wanted to become an Opera Singer. A few years ago, my Mother having learnt my secret than gifted me an audio course “How to Listen to an Understand Opera”. Such has rekindled my dream, and if not for my Smoker Lungs…

2. I enjoy playing the game Scrabble by myself with two complete sets of tiles.

3. I know how and have rebuilt a carburetor, installed a starter, replaced a tie rod end, however; I don’t know how to check the air in my tires without letting the air out in the process. I’ve never learnt how to change my own oil and I do not like to check my own fluids even though I know how to.

4. I know a Lady who carries her Husbands’ ashes in the trunk of her car. She says they always wanted to travel together but never had the chance, now they can.

5. I drive a hooptie. As many Judges on Court TV shows say, if you can’t afford the payments of a new auto, don’t go into debt – drive a hooptie until you can in actuality afford something else.

6. When I have an idea for poem I can’t express, I’ll pick up my guitar and sing words that enter my mind, though I don’t know a single cord on a guitar nor how to pluck any known tunes.

7. I once tried to save my pet aquatic frog by giving him CPR via administrating him air from a tube attached to the aquarium pump. Sadly he could not be resuscitated.

Binding Ink!


Anonymous said...

That is wonderful!!! Thought provoking and so very interesting..
I't sounds as though you can do just about, you should write a song about you and
perfom it...Opera huh? I cannot sing anything...My son and his wife forbade me to sing to my grandchildren..I may make them tone deaf...huh...just because they have a stinken band..who says
they can sing....

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

HI Maunie James, Thanks for your comment! I say go ahead and sing your heart out, especially to your GrandKids! Others may be the ones tone deaf :) for Music is in the ears of the beholder!

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Hey, you forgot my seven things meme!

Eight books? I've probably got that many going, although only one seriously and one on the market, so that one's obviously not being worked on.

LOVE your comment about red blood. I couldn't agree more.

And I'll shut up now...

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Susan, How could I forget you hate to follow rules, Seven Things meme :) Posted before the wildness, still counts! Thanks Susan!

If I missed anyone else - scold me, I mean hook me up with your link here at BRB about you! :)

Susan, your books will be on the Market! Time is a Friend! Endurance merely a chapter in life. I know three Authors from MBL who now have books published and there are plenty others! And next, there will be you!

Mo and The Purries said...

Great post! I love it that I'm not the only poem-writing-multi-novel-writing person out there! I love musicals more than opera, and when I say to a true opera buff that my favorite opera is "Carmen" most just turn their nose up at me. But it's music that just speaks to me, and that's what it's about, right?
Love your comment about red blood. Amen.

And how cute was it that you tried to resuscitate your froggie! Poor thing! I have several frog-lovers that shop in my store, so I try to carry a selection of froggie goodies to make 'em smile.

Thanks for sharing with us!

Mo and The Purries said...

OH - p.s.= do you play Scrabulous on Facebook?
It's my Scrabble addiction!

mauniejames3 said...

You are all so darn great...publish a book huh? Well I
have been known to read a whole book in a day...write poetry..does the roses are red type count...trying to save a frogs life..I once took a baby turkey to the side of the road so the seveenteen others would follow..I am not without talents...little talents true but talents none the less..your all really wonderful...

ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Hi Mo, always good to hear from you! In spite of some People, Carmen has come along ways from the days of an once deemed failed Opera :)

Froggie Goodies - I like the sound of that!

I've yet to try Scrabulous on Facebook, will ck out! Just so happen I watched an interview about Facebook the other day. Thanks again Mo!

@ mauniejames3: Hope one of those Turkeys you were so nice to save, didn't end up on anyone's Thanksgiving table!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful post Michelle, in addition to impressive! And I agree with Mo, I'm thrilled I'm not the only multi-genre writer among us.

I really enjoyed this post, thanks~


Jos said...

So I guess I'll be doing Ann's last comment backwards:

Thanks, I really enjoyed this post!

And I agree with Ann and Mo, I'm pleased I am among this great group of multi-genre writers.

A fun post, Michelle, and it's really nice to know a bit 'mo' about you too:)


ndpthepoetress Jean Michelle Culp said...

Thank YOU Ann! Thank YOU Jos! Big Hugs to you both :)